Shaking in the bobsleigh run!

Want to fly at 60 km/h? Slam through corners and feel the wind in your face. No snow, but you still shake in the bobsleigh run. The Bob is a 524 m long bobsleigh run and suitable for all daredevils.  In principle, everyone may ride this attraction. However, children under 1.20 m must be accompanied by an adult and the attraction is not accessible for pregnant women. For people who dare to go on this attraction alone, there is a special single riders entrance. The bobsleigh run is closed when temperatures reach freezing or when it snows.

  • Transfer necessary
  • Children <1.20 m under supervision
  • Attraction with baby switch
  • Not suitable in case of injuries
  • Not suitable for pregnant women

In the mystical Anderrijk

You’ll find the Bobsleigh ride here. Paper maps are available at the entrance of the Efteling. From there it’s a 5 minute walk.

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Efteling Village Bosrijk

Experience the peace and tranquillity of Efteling Village Bosrijk after an exciting day at Efteling. Enjoy each other’s company in the heart of nature.