Frequently asked questions

Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions to Efteling. You do not find the answer to your question? Please contact us.

Efteling Park

Where can I buy entrance tickets? 

Tickets are available online at a reduced price on this website. You can print out all of your tickets and take them with you when you come to the park. Each ticket has a unique barcode which will be scanned at the gate. You can only use this barcode once, even if you print multiple copies. The barcodes are valid for one person and one use only. Tickets can also be scanned from a smartphone or tablet. Tickets are also available at the park’s main entrance. 

How long are my entry tickets valid? 

The validity of the entry tickets is written on each ticket. 

Can I still buy tickets online if I do not own a printer? 

Yes, as long as they can be forward via the confirmation email to someone who has a printer and who is willing to print the tickets for you. Tickets can also be scanned from a smartphone or a tablet. 

I have lost my ticket. What should I do? 

Visitors are responsible for having their tickets with them and will not be reimbursed should they lose them. Visitors who have lost tickets purchased online will have to reprint them. They can do this using the link in the confirmation email they received after having made their online purchase. Your (e-)ticket is proof that you have paid admission to the park. Each has a unique barcode that will be scanned at the gate. Visitors are asked to have their tickets ready when entering the park. 

I have lost the confirmation email I need to print my ticket. 

Please send an email to, stating the name of the person who ordered the tickets and the date of order. We will send you a new confirmation email immediately. 

I have purchased my entrance ticket(s). Where can I buy a parking ticket? 

Parking tickets are available at the Efteling Visitors’ Service Centre, the “Efteldingen” souvenir shop near the main entrance, and at one of the three ticket machines located inside the gates, behind the ticket offices. 

What facilities does Efteling offer to disabled visitors? 

Efteling offers several facilities to disabled visitors, including free wheelchair rental and wheelchair access to attractions. Click here and go to the heading ‘disabled visitors’ for more information. 

Are pets allowed in the park? 

Pets are not allowed into Efteling, but there is a free kennel for dogs near the main entrance. Your dog will be well looked after but this service does not include food or dog walking services. Visitors are also asked to bring a pillow/blanket or basket with them for their dog. 

Can I leave the park temporarily? 

During a day at Efteling, it is not possible to leave the park and go back in with the same ticket. Of course, we make an exception if you want to get something from your car, for example. In this case, please inform one of our employees when you exit the park. If you have an annual pass or are staying at the Hotel Efteling or Efteling Village Bosrijk, you can enter and leave the park as you wish.

Can I bring food and drinks in the park? 

It is possible to bring your own drinks and food in the park. However, it is not permitted to consume this food and drinks in the park’s catering locations and terraces.

Where can I eat gluten-free in the park? 

For gluten-free meals, you can go to various catering locations: ‘Polles Keuken’, ‘Station Oost’, ‘Panorama', ‘Smulpaap’ and ‘Steenbok’.

Efteling Village Bosrijk

Is there a separate entrance from Efteling Village Bosrijk into the theme park? 

There is no separate entrance from Efteling Village Bosrijk into the park. Guests staying at the village can access the park through the main entrance. Guests staying at the Efteling Village Bosrijk can enter the theme park half an hour earlier. 

What are the check-in and check-out times? 

Guests can check-in from 3 p.m. Visitors must vacate the accommodation by 11:00 a.m. Visitors wishing to check-out and settle their accounts earlier, before going for breakfast, for example, are free to make use of the accommodation until 11:00 a.m. Guests can enter the theme park and have access to the various facilities before and after those hours during the days of arrival and departure.

What do we do with our luggage if we want to visit the park, but have not yet checked-in/have already checked-out? 

Guests who have not yet checked-in or have already checked-out are advised to leave their luggage in their vehicles in Efteling Village Bosrijk’s secure parking area. Guests can place valuable items in a locker.

Are pets allowed in Efteling Village Bosrijk? 

Yes, dogs can stay Efteling Village Bosrijk, excepted in the adapted accommodation. Please mention the presence of your dog during your booking. The additional fee is € 19.50. Dogs must be leashed in Efteling Village Bosrijk. Please note that for hygiene reasons, dogs are not allowed in the aquatic center ‘Badhuys’ or in the ‘Poorthuys’.

Is there a pool at Efteling Village Bosrijk? 

The indoor swimming pool ‘Badhuys’ is composed of three pools: a paddling pool (0-3 years), a small pool (4-7 years),and a large swimming pool (250 m with a depth of 120 cm). 

Is it free to park at Efteling Village Bosrijk? 

Yes, parking is free for guests staying at Efteling Village Bosrijk. Cars are not allowed inside Efteling Village Bosrijk, except for loading and unloading luggage. Parking is allowed for guests staying in the adapted accommodation.

Can I visit Efteling the day of my arrival and departure? 

Yes, it is possible. On your days of arrival and departure, you have access to all facilities. You can leave your luggage in your car on the parking. For your valuables, you can use the lockers near the reception. 

Efteling Hotel

What time are the check-in and check-out times?

You can check-in at the reception from 3 p.m. Guests who intend on visiting the park on the day of their arrival can pick up their entrance tickets from the hotel from 9 a.m. Your key will be available at the hotel reception from 3 p.m. Guests must vacate their room by 11 a.m. Guests wishing to settle their accounts earlier can do so at the reception from 7 a.m. and are free to make use of the room until 11 a.m. 

Is the Efteling Hotel entirely non-smoking? 

It is not allowed to smoke at Efteling Theme Park Resort, including inside the Efteling Hotel. Cigarettes are not sold anywhere in the Efteling.

Is it free to park at the Efteling Hotel? 

Yes, parking is free for guests staying at Hotel Efteling throughout the duration of their stay. 

Is there a luggage room at the Efteling Hotel?

Yes, the hotel has a luggage room and lockers you can use for free. On your arrival and departure days, you can leave your luggage in this room. The luggage room is not secured, and its use is at your own risks.