Haunted spectacle

Danse Macabre

Open in 2024

A haunted spectacle full of dark twists

In 2024, Efteling will open a chilling new themed area with a new attraction that will scare you like never before: Danse Macabre. Alongside a new attraction, the themed area will include catering, a souvenir shop and fitting entertainment.

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Episode 4: The Making-of

In the fourth episode, the past comes to life. At the construction site, one of the first parts of the ride system is put into place with extreme precision. Architectural Designer Ronald Donkers tells which objects from the former Spookslot will return in the new attraction. Efteling composer Rene Merkelbach will breathe new life into the 150-year-old music of Danse Macabre with a gigantic orchestra. And in this episode, will Otto and Virginie Charlatan discover what darkness is hiding in the stables?

Construction starts on ride system

Last week, the first sections of the ride system for our newest attraction were installed with pinpoint precision on the Danse Macabre construction site.

Episode 3: The Making-of

In the third making-of episode, discover all about In den Swarte Kat, the Charlatan family's atmospheric grocery shop. In den Swarte kat and toilet facility De Laetste Hoop officially open their doors on 1 July. But beware, it is known to be haunted at times! In the third episode, we again follow the exciting story of Virginie and Otto Charlatan.

Episode 2: The Making-of

In the second making-of episode, Efteling designer Jeroen Verheij reveals more about the Huyverwoud Forest, the themed area surrounding the new attraction. He takes you through the waiting route and past the catering establishments and souvenir shop that you will find in the area. In addition, you will see how Otto and Virginie Charlatan get more and more answers yet also stumble upon more and more questions. Watch the new episode and find out all about Danse Macabre.

Episode 1: The Making-of

In the first episode, we reveal the attraction type and meet the Charlatan family. The Charlatan family has been travelling the world for generations with their special barrel organ. After many wanderings, ‘professor doctor’ Virginie Charlatan and her husband Otto decided to settle in an area not far from here. As they are exploring their new neighborhood, they realize something is not right. What could this dark force be?

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