Exciting river rapids ride

In a land far away a wild river takes you past waterfalls, rocks and totem poles. The momentum of the water determines your route in this paddle-less adventure. Try to brave this 350 meter long wild water river and stay dry!

For whom is the Piraña river rapids ride appropriate?

The Piraña river rapids ride is for the whole family. The boats will of course rock in the water, so children who are less than 1 m tall must be held on the lap of an adult. Parents can also use the baby switch. This allows them to take their turn in the attraction and not have to wait twice in the queue.

  • Transfer necessary
  • Not suitable for babies
  • Children <1.00 m on lap
  • Children <1.20 m under supervision
  • Not suitable for pregnant women

In the mystical Anderrijk

You’ll find the Piraña here. Paper maps are available at the entrance of the Efteling. From there it’s a 5 minute walk.

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