Piraña river rapids ride

A wild cruise through the Inca Empire

This attraction is closed until June 28, 2024 inclusive (subject to changes).
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Exciting river rapids ride

In a land far away a wild river takes you past waterfalls, rocks and totem poles. The momentum of the water determines your route in this paddle-less adventure. Try to brave this 600 meter long wild water river and stay dry!

Good to know

  • Accessible by wheelchair with a transfer
    Watch the video
  • Not suitable for babies
  • Children <1.00 m on lap
  • Children < 1.20 m with company aged 16 years or older
  • Not suitable for pregnant women
  • Not suitable in case of injuries
  • Not suitable in case of medical conditions
  • You may get wet
  • Outdoor attraction
  • Attraction with baby switch

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