Fabula: 4D film adventure

A young, grumpy bear doesn't get along with other animals too well. Mr Sandman decides to teach him a couple of wise life lessons. In an adventurous dream, the bear and a brave squirrel visit the habitats of various other animals. Together, they experience wondrous, hilarious, exciting and touching moments. Because of this, the bear gets more of an eye for other animals and even starts respecting them.

During the film you will experience different 4D effects, such as water, scents and wind.

PandaDroom 3D film becomes Fabula

PandaDroom 3D film was opened in 2002 in cooperation with the WWF NL. After 17 years, both the 3D technology and the film contents will be updated. The new film is created in collaboration with award-winning studio Aardman – also known as the producers of much-loved British shows Wallace & Gromit, Chicken Run and Shaun the Sheep.

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