Gondoletta boat ride

Get carried away

A boat trip through beautiful nature

Sailing past the idyllic colourful flowerbeds you are surrounded by melodies while watching the small animals playing around the lake. The layout of the foliage is specially designed to attract these animals naturally. Everybody can take a seat on board a Gondoletta and unwind for the 20 minutes boat trip.

Good to know

  • Due to the precautions, you embark and disembark individually
  • Please wait in the white zone with your household
  • It is not possible to choose your seat. All seats are allocated
  • It is not possible to leave the waiting line or attraction/show in between
  • Accessible by wheelchair with a transfer
  • Children < 1.20 m with company aged 16 years or older
  • Semi- covered attraction
  • Accessible with assistance or guide dogs

Information for visitors with disabilities

Due to the corona guidelines, this attractions is currently not accessible to visitors with disabilities. Read more about the guidelines >

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