The organisation

More than a theme park

Efteling has been an enchanting organisation for more than 71 years. Since the opening of the Fairytale Forest in 1952, the organisation continues to surprise its guests with new forms of (overnight)recreation. Apart from professionalism and creativity, guest orientation is one of the pillars which supports the Efteling Theme Park Resort. With around five million visitors a year, the park is one of the best European amusement parks.

Efteling BV

Since 1 February 2021, Efteling's management team consists of four people, each with their own expertise: General Affairs (Corporate Support), Financial Affairs (Finance & Service), Park & Overnight Stays and Product, Marketing & Image. The most important developments are assessed by Efteling's Supervisory Board, which was appointed by Efteling Nature Park Foundation. These developments include strategic (multi-year) plans and Efteling's (financial) policy.

Efteling Nature Park Foundation

The Efteling Nature Park Foundation forms the basis for Efteling, which opened the Fairytale Forest in 1952. In 1985, Efteling became a private company with the Foundation as its sole shareholder. The majority of the profits made still flow back to the World of Efteling, so that it can continue to exist independently. The aim of the Foundation is: to provide and maintain recreational and leisure facilities and to promote tourism. The Foundation acts as a keeper of fairytales and guardian of the heritage.

Vision 2030

Over 71 years, Efteling has grown into an international destination with five million guests per year. The dreams are still the same as they were back then; in everything we do, we let our guests escape from their hectic everyday lives and discover wonder. In the years to come, Efteling will focus on quality and guest experience. By 2030, Efteling aspires to be the only theme park resort in Europe scoring 9+ from visitors who are captivated by Efteling’s natural and enchanting surroundings. To achieve this, the focus will be on experience concepts, employees, technology, cooperation and sustainability. Read more about Efteling's vision for 2030 >

Sustainable enchantment

Efteling has always been strongly committed to nature, the environment and sustainability. It therefore supports nature conservation, protection of the environment and sustainability in various ways.

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Efteling often wins prizes. For instance, for years Efteling has been voted as one of the best in the Dutch Motorist Association's (ANWB) 'Best Day Out in the Netherlands'. In 2011, 2014, 2015, 2017, 2019 and 2021 Efteling even came in first place. Moreover, in 2017 and 2018 Efteling was declared the best theme park in the world by an international website about theme parks, Theme Park Insiders. Review website TripAdvisor declared Efteling the ‘2017 Travellers’ Choice Park’. Furthermore, the ‘Most customer-friendly employee of 2017’ also worked in Efteling.

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