Efteling Theme Park Resort

31 May 1952 was a joyous day: Efteling officially opened its doors. During the following decades the erstwhile Fairytale Forest grew into a giant World of Wonders. Anton Pieck especially helped to create the enchanting atmosphere which characterises Efteling, and which continues to be cherished and guarded to this day.

World of Wonders

Efteling Theme Park Resort is not limited to the theme park, the golf park and the overnight accommodation possibilities, but it is also expressed in events for the business market. Furthermore, Efteling produces its own musicals and radio and television programmes.


For many years now, Efteling has been the most visited theme park in the Netherlands, and it is one of the largest theme parks in Europe. Over the past years, theme park fans rewarded Efteling with a great number of Diamond Themeparks awards and Efteling may call itself the Netherland's best day out of 2017 (ANWB, Dutch motorists association). Holiday Village Efteling Bosrijk has won a 'Zoover Award Gold 2016' and the Efteling Hotel received a 'Zoover Awards Orange 2016'.