Get out and celebrate the nicest days of spring

Nature welcomes you and the sun shines a bit brighter again. In Efteling, too. Enjoy the plethora of attractions and be surprised by the best entertainment. There is plenty to discover in the park each and every day! 

Beautiful nature wakes up from its winter sleep

An island with breeding birds, dozens of inhabited nesting boxes, and lots and lots of greenery. This spring again, nature reawakens in Efteling. Did you know that we have thousands of new little plants every year, and that the ducks you see walking around have ducklings every year? 

The nicest, sunniest terraces

Even if the sun does not shine there is plenty of vitamin D to be found in Efteling. How would you like a piece of fresh fruit or a fruit-shake from Station de Oost restaurant or Den Gulden Gaarde snackbar? Or would you prefer Dutch speciality mini pancakes with butter in ’t Poffertje restaurant or a salmon fillet in Panorama à la carte

Stay over this spring!

Book a stay at Efteling now. You will have free access to the park for the entire duration of your stay! This will give you that extra bit of time to watch the ducklings swim behind their mother in the spring pond..