Privacy Statement

This privacy statement informs you which personal details Efteling BV collects from you and for what purposes. The Privacy Statement applies to all services offered by Efteling, including our webshop, loyalty programme and promotions. Any details you supply to Efteling will be treated with confidentiality, in accordance with Dutch legislation (Wet Bescherming Persoonsgegevens – Protection of Personal Information Act).

As stated in the Protection of Personal Information Act, we have registered our usage of personal details with the relevant supervisory body, the College Bescherming Persoonsgegevens (CBP - College for the Protection of Personal Information), in The Hague. This submission describes which details we store and process, for what purposes and to which persons or entities we disclose certain information.

1. For what purposes does Efteling collect personal details?

a. Efteling Annual Passes 

Your Efteling Annual Pass is scanned for identification purposes when you enter the park, when you leave the car park and when making purchases in the park. This allows us to calculate any discount to which you may be entitled while making purchases in the park, for example. We store and process these details in order to form a more accurate picture of your visiting and purchasing behaviour, enabling us to improve our products and provide you with personalised offers, if you have given your permission for this.

b. Loyalty programmes
If you supply us with your details in order to stay informed of Efteling news and personalised offers, you may be contacted via various channels. If you no longer wish to receive this information, you can easily unsubscribe via our website or by using the link in our e-mails.

We try to make our communications as interesting as possible to you. They are, therefore, personalised as much as possible and the content is linked to your own preferences. In addition, we use your details to tailor our websites, apps and e-mails to your own preferences, as far as possible, based on your specific purchasing and visiting behaviour, for example.

In connection with this, we analyse your purchasing patterns, such as the time you purchased products/services, and the details you supplied to us, such as your name, gender, address, place of residence and e-mail address. We also analyse your browsing behaviour in our newsletters and on our websites.

c. Reservations and orders 
Whenever you make a reservation or place an order with Efteling, we process your details in order to handle your reservation/order in the most efficient possible way. Examples include communication leading up to your arrival and visit or an order confirmation from our webshop. To do this, we use the personal information you provide while making a reservation or placing an order. In cases such as these, your personal details are used for these purposes only and are only accessible by those members of Efteling’s staff who are directly involved in the delivery of those products/services.

d. Offers and promotions
Efteling regularly introduces special offers, such as discount offers, competitions and promotions, in which you can participate. In some cases, we may ask you to fill out a registration form in a leaflet, advertisement or website to take part in one of these special offers. If you participate in one of these offers, Efteling uses the personal information you supply to register and/or confirm your participation. The information is used to determine whether you meet the offer terms & conditions and to send you potential prizes and other benefits. In cases such as these, your personal details are used for these purposes only and are only accessible by those members of Efteling’s staff who are directly involved in the offers, unless you have granted us permission to use your details in our loyalty programmes.

e. Questions and complaints
If you ask Efteling a question or send us a complaint, or if you contact Efteling by telephone, e-mail, letter or social media, we will request your contact details in order to deal with your question or complaint. In cases such as these, your personal details are used for these purposes only and are only accessible by those members of Efteling’s staff who are directly involved in dealing with your question or complaint.


f. Visiting Efteling websites
To facilitate visits to our websites, Efteling makes use of so-called ‘cookies’. Cookies are small text files, which are stored on your computer’s hard drive or in its memory. Efteling uses cookies to maintain a record of usage of its websites and to store any preferences you may have set for a particular service or web page, thus avoiding the need to enter your details again when you next visit. Cookies are also used to provide you with personalised offers via various channels, based on your behaviour on the website. In addition, some of our social media functionality (such as our connections with Facebook and Twitter) make use of cookies. Cookies are not used to extract personal details or passwords from your computer.

For more information on our cookie usage policy, please read our Cookie Statement.

g. Login details 
There are various places in which you can login with Efteling: in the Efteling app, while booking a stay and in the Efteling webshop. We use the details you enter when setting up an account to improve our services and to save your preferences for the future. Also, if you grant us permission, we can use them to send you personalised offers.

h. Usage of Efteling apps
Efteling measures the usage of its applications and also uses the location information (GPS) provided by certain devices, but only to improve its service provision to visitors and guests. Visitors to the park, for example, may receive customised information, if they have given us permission to send such information. Different types of information are sent to contacts outside the park.

i. Job application purposes 
If you apply for a position at Efteling, we will use your personal details only in connection with the job application procedure.

2. How long do we store your details? 

We do not store your details any longer than necessary for the purposes for which you have provided the details and certainly no longer than permitted by law. You may also request that your details be removed. If you would like to know what details of yours Efteling has stored, you may use this e-mail form to request the information. 

3. Who has access to your details?

Efteling may share your personal details with carefully selected third parties in order to provide the services you have requested and for which you have granted permission. These third parties may be contracted to provide services on Efteling’s behalf, for example, or to perform general data analysis. Examples include the shipper of orders placed in the webshop or companies that provide us with marketing support. Efteling does not sell or rent personal details to any third party.

4. How can I check, modify or delete my details?

Would you like to modify your personal details? Please go to your My Efteling account.
Would you like to delete your personal details? Please complete this form.
Would you like to check what details of yours are stored and for what purposes? Please complete this form.

5. How is children’s privacy protected?

If you are younger than 16 years of age, you must receive the permission of your parents or a legal guardian before supplying your personal details to Efteling. Please do not send us any personal details until you have gained this permission.


The Efteling Privacy Statement may be adjusted from time to time. All changes will be announced on this page. We, therefore, advise you to check this page on a regular basis, to remain informed of the latest content of the Privacy Statement.