Privacy Statement

Privacy Statement

We want your visit to Efteling to be something of a little escape from everyday life. That is why you, as our guest, are always the priority. We want you to experience this feeling of hospitality not just during your visit to the park, but also while you are planning your visit. In order to offer you the best possible assistance at all times, we sometimes require information from you. In doing so, we believe it is important for you to know that we treat your information with care. For that reason, we would like to explain in this privacy statement how and why we process your personal data.

1. Who are we?

We are Efteling B.V.: the largest theme park in the Netherlands, located at Europalaan 1, 5171 KW Kaatsheuvel, the Netherlands. Those who are looking to enjoy their time at Efteling for a bit longer can spend an enchanting overnight stay in one of our holiday villages or hotels. In Efteling Theatre, guests enjoy the most fantastic musicals and shows.

Efteling is responsible for collecting and using your personal data as described in this privacy statement. 

2. What personal data do we process?

2.1. General
We may collect and process the following categories of personal data: 

a. Name and other identifying information
We may record, for example, your name, gender, date of birth, nationality and the country in which you live.

b. Contact information and data about your personal account or registration
Your contact information may include your address, telephone number and e-mail address. If you register for a certain service or create a personal My Efteling account, we may also record the login data and other information that you enter in the account or registration form.

c. Information about your reservations, bookings and purchases
If, for example, you purchase or reserve entry tickets for the theme park or Efteling Theatre; book a (car park) season ticket, an overnight stay or special offer/package deal; reserve access passes for attractions; or purchase (golf) services, we process these purchases, reservations or booking information. This information may include data about your entry ticket, season ticket, overnight stay, access passes, golf services, the prices and dates for the reservation or booking. Via your overnight stay information or season ticket, we also process information relating to supplementary services (such as extra services ordered with your overnight stay) and products that you purchase (for example, in the theme park). When you visit Efteling and your entrance ticket or season (parking) ticket is scanned, the day and time on which it is scanned will be registered. With respect to overnight stays or restaurant reservations, we process additional information such as who you are travelling with or any diet requirements and further services required.

d. Our communication with you
If you send us an e-mail or chat with us via social media or online, we record this communication. If you call us, the Efteling Contact Centre records your questions or complaints in our database. We may also record telephone conversations for training purposes, in order to record appointments or to prevent or combat fraudulent activities. 

e. Information we collect when you use our websites, apps and other digital media
- If you visit our websites or use one of our apps, we may record your IP address, browser type, operating system, referencing website, surfing behaviour and app use. We may receive an automatic notification if you open a newsletter or click on a link in a newsletter. 
- With your permission, we may also receive your location information. 
- You may also agree to provide us access to certain data that is stored on your mobile phone. See below (Cookies) for more information.

f. Information that we collect when you use the Efteling app
The Efteling app helps you to get the most out of your day out at Efteling. When you use the app, we request specific permission to share your location and permission to send (push) notifications. These push notifications can contain both commercial and service messages. Efteling makes use of so-called geofences, for instance, to determine whether you are in the park, when it has location permission. This geofencing is restricted to the World of Efteling. 

In addition, information regarding the use of the app and anonymised user data is collected. This information is analysed and used to improve the app and the way in which you experience Efteling.

g. Information concerning social media
Depending on your settings for social networks, we may receive information from the provider of your social network. For example, if it is possible to log into our services with a social network account (such as Facebook or Instagram), we may receive your social network profile including contact information, interests and contacts. More information about the personal data we receive from your social network provider and about how to change your settings can be found on the website and in the privacy policy of the social network provider.

h. Information you share with us
You may opt to share information with us – for example, if you respond on Facebook, complete a customer survey or register for a competition.

i. Visual material
For safety and security reasons, video cameras are located throughout the entire theme park, the accommodations and the Efteling Theatre. Some images are saved for a certain period of time while other images are non-recorded live feeds. In addition, photo cameras that take photos of guests in attractions are installed at various attractions. These photos are made for recreational commercial purposes (sale of photos to guests) and may be used in certain circumstances for safety and security reasons. Finally, the image that is linked to your season ticket and/or My Efteling account is saved.

j. Job application procedure
Information you share with us concerning a job application at Efteling.

2.2. Sensitive information
Certain categories of personal information that we collect and use may be considered "sensitive personal data" under the General Data Protection Regulation or the Netherlands privacy legislation. We may be obligated to collect and use this information, and share it with third parties for the purposes described in this privacy statement. 

You may also indicate that you wish to share such information with us – for example, because you have searched for specific assistance or have ordered a certain type of special meal (from this information it is possible to gather that, for example, you adhere to a certain religion or that you have certain health issues). By providing personal information that falls under or may be considered to be sensitive personal information, you agree that we may collect and use this information, and share it with third parties, as described in this privacy statement.

2.3. Cookies and similar technologies 
If you use our websites or mobile apps, we collect information via cookies and similar technologies. You can indicate in the cookie dashboard which cookies may be placed by Efteling. If you wish to adjust your cookie preferences, you can always navigate to the cookie dashboard via our cookie statement page, in order to make any adjustments. 

Anonymized data about surfing behaviour is collected on via Google Analytics. This allows us to see how visitors like you use our website. We use this information to make well-founded decisions about the layout of our website. We also use this information to optimise the working of the website. In order to enable careful processing we have taken the following measures:
• We have concluded a processor's agreement with Google;
• We have masked the last octet of the IP address;
• We have switched off all the possibilities which Google offers to ‘share data with Google’;
• We do not use any other Google services in combination with the Google Analytics cookies. Should you nevertheless not wish to have your anonymized data sent to Google Analytics, you can make use of the Google Analytics opt-out browser add-on. The add-on prevents the JavaScript code of Google Analytics (ga.js, analytics.js and dc.js), which is executed on the website, from sharing information about visitor activity with Google Analytics.

2.4. Specific services, apps or events
For specific services, apps or events, we may collect other types of data and use them for other purposes than described in this privacy statement. We will inform you about this if you register for a service or an event or when you download an app. 

3. How do we collect your information?

Efteling may obtain your personal data in several ways: for example, when you book an overnight stay, enter a competition, purchase a season ticket, purchase an access pass, use one of our apps, apply for a job, communicate with us via social media, or register for our newsletter. 

We may also receive personal information from our partners or service providers (for example, travel organisations or partners with whom we organise a competition).

We only collect information based on the principles mentioned in the General Data Protection Regulation. 

If you are younger than 16 years of age, you may only provide personal data to Efteling if one of your parents or a legal representative who has read this privacy statement provides consent to us on your behalf. We therefore request that you do not provide any details if you have not yet obtained this permission. Some services (such purchasing online tickets, purchasing season tickets or making bookings) are not accessible to persons younger than 18 years. 

4. Why do we process these types of personal data? 

We process personal data for the following purposes:

a. To provide our services
Most of the information described above must be process in order to handle your reservations and bookings and to be able to offer you purchases. For example, we require your contact information.

b. To offer you our online services and mobile apps
- Some of our online services and apps use your location; for example, to display the closest interesting location to you. 
- To simplify your use of our online services or apps, we may analyse the data we collect pertaining to your use of our digital media and combine that with information collected via cookies and similar technologies (see above). We do this, for example, to learn which digital channel (e-mail, social media) or device (desktop, tablet or mobile phone) you prefer so that we can focus our communication on that channel or device.

c. To communicate with you
We use your contact information to communicate with you, answer questions or handle complaints.

d. For statistical research
We use automatic tools to perform statistical research of general trends in the use of our services, websites, apps and social media and of the behaviour and preferences of our customers and users.
To perform our research, we may use, combine and analyse the various types of data as described above. We only use aggregated data; we do not use names, e-mail addresses or other directly identifying information. We may also combine such aggregated data with information we receive from public sources (such as from Statistics Netherlands (CBS)). We will not use sensitive data for this statistical research without your consent. 
Statistical research enables us to develop better services, products, facilities and offers; provide more accessible customer service; and improve the design and content of our websites and mobile apps.

e. For direct marketing purposes
We may use your personal information to send you newsletters, magazines, offers or other personalised 
marketing messages. To learn what is relevant for you, we may use automatic tools to analyse your personal information. We may use and combine the information described above for this purpose. We use the results of our analysis to coordinate our marketing messages with your specific interests and preferences. For example, if an analysis indicates you may be interested in visiting Holiday Village Efteling Bosrijk with a family, we may adjust our newsletter and websites with offers and content which we believe are relevant to you. 

f. For personalised advertisements in other media
We are able to participate in Facebook's Custom Audience programme or other similar advertiser's programmes. In this case, we share your email address or a different way in which you can be recognised. This enables the advertiser to show you a personalised advertisement instead of a general one. You can unsubscribe to this by sending an email from the email address you wish to unsubscribe to

g. Job application procedure
If you apply for a job or internship at Efteling, we request that you share certain information that is relevant for the job application procedure. This information enables us to contact you by phone, e-mail or WhatsApp regarding your application. This information will be removed 12 months after your application procedure has been completed.

h. To facilitate compliance with laws and regulations
We may be legally obligated to collect your data, for example, for the so-called night register in a hotel.

5. How long do we save your data? 

Your personal data will be saved as long as it is necessary for the purposes described in this privacy statement or for as long as required to satisfy laws and regulations or to solve disputes.

6. Release or sharing of data with third parties

6.1. General
We may release or share your personal data to or with third parties for the following purposes:

a. To facilitate your reservations
In order to process your reservations and bookings, we may have to share your personal data with other companies that are involved with your travels and arrangements. If you purchase our services via a travel agency or another party, we also share your personal information with them.

b. For the supporting services we offer
For the provision of our services, we make use of third parties such as IT suppliers, social network providers, marketing agencies and credit card companies. Processing agreements are concluded with all of these third parties and are required to sufficiently protect your personal data and to only process these data in accordance with our instructions.

c. To allow you to benefit from the services of our partners
We may share your information with partners to allow you to benefit from the services of these partners if we integrate or offer these services in our own services and apps. Although we select our partners carefully, they each have their own privacy statement with respect to the way in which they use your personal data.

d. To comply with laws and regulations
We may be obligated to share data with (local) public authorities if you stay overnight in our hotel (night register) or if you are involved in a safety incident, for example.

6.2. Websites of third parties 
Our websites and mobile apps may contain links to third-party websites. If you click on these links, you will leave our website or mobile app. This privacy statement is not applicable to third party websites. Efteling accepts no liability for the use of your personal data by these third parties. Use of these websites is at your own risk. For more information about how these third parties handle your personal information, please refer to their privacy statements. 

7. Security and retention

Efteling takes the required technical and organisational measures to protect your personal data from loss or unlawful use. 

8. International transfer of your data

This refers to the required transfer of your personal data to an organisation in a country other than the country in which you reside. If this country is not within the European Economic Area or is not designated by the EU as a safe country, Efteling will ensure that appropriate safety precautions have been taken to satisfy the requirements for the international transfer of personal data under the General Data Protection Regulation. 

9. Automated decision-making 

With certain processes within Efteling, use may be made of automated decision-making. For example, when purchasing a season ticket online, entering a date of birth leads to an automatic decision of whether the subscription may be requested by the specific guest and, if so, which type of subscription may be requested. 

10. Your rights

Would you like to view or improve your data? 
You can adjust your personal data and view your recent purchases via your Efteling account.

Do you want to delete your Efteling account?

You can delete your Efteling account yourself via this link.

Do you only want to unsubscribe from the Efteling newsletter? 
This is possible using the unsubscribe link at the bottom of each mail or via this page in your Efteling account.  

If you are not successful in removing your data via My Efteling, or if you would like to invoke any other right you hold according to the General Data Protection Regulation (such as the removal of your data), you can submit a written request for this purpose via or Efteling B.V., attn: Privacy Manager, Post Office Box 18, 5170 AA Kaatsheuvel, Netherlands. To be certain that only you receive access to your data, we ask that you include a copy of your identification.

You can also contact us via if you have any questions, comments or complaints concerning this privacy statement. 

George Frings is Efteling’s Data Protection Office rand is registered with the Dutch Personal Data Authority.

11. How will this privacy statement be maintained?

As of 1 May 2023, this privacy statement shall replace our previous privacy statement. This privacy statement is revised on an ongoing basis. We will inform you of any changes by publishing the new statement on, upon which it immediately takes effect.