A visual spectacle

CARO, a wonderful Efteling show

This fantastic show full of humor, music and acrobatics will amaze the whole family.

Let yourself be carried away by the carousel evoking the beautiful moments of life. Do not miss this visual show for the whole family in which words are superfluous.

For tickets or questions, please call +31 (0) 416-537777.

Show details

70 minutes (no interval)

Suitable for
For the whole family (recommended age from 5 years)

Theatre tickets

In the table below you can see at a glance which are the most suitable tickets for you. If you would like to see exactly which seat you'd like, have a look at our seating plan. More info about the Efteling Theatre? Find here all the practical information.

Regular CARO tickets

Price: € 25.00 p.p.

For tickets, questions or to reserve wheelchair locations, please call +31 (0) 416-537777.

Overnight guests

Price: € 10.00
As a host of the Efteling and Efteling Loonsche Land Hotels as well as the  Holiday Villages Efteling Bosrijk and Efteling Loonsche Land, you only pay € 10.00. You can book tickets for the show when booking your stay. Have you already booked your stay? Book your tickets for CARO via My Efteling.

Group discount

Price: € 20.00 p.p.
Groups of at least 20 people receive € 5.00 discount p.p.

Reservations can be made by telephone on +31 (0) 416 537 777

An exclusive behind-the-scenes look at CARO

Come take a look behind the scenes at the Efteling show! View here the unique behind-the-scenes images of the rehearsals of CARO.


Mister Time – Ivo Chundro, Ara Halici and Rick van den Belt 
Madam Time – Laurie Reijs and Lisanne Streukens
Oscar – Ton Peeters, Ton Coppens and Ara Halici

Cesar Andrade & Mélanie Nunes, Grzegorz Rajs & Kamila Dabrowska, Pascal Haering & Esther Fuge

Children's cast
Jeroen Debie, Daniek Hamilton, Ieme van Houten, Lena Meesters, Gijs Spek, Ward Spek, Fiene van der Veer, Bram Heinsbroek, Milah Spek, Maud Schoffelen, Esmée Danielse, Hendrik Nijenhuis, Faas Kik and Julian van Duijvenvoorde

Lindi Akkerman, Marianna van Beek, Genevieve van der Does, Isa van de Graaf, Rosalie van der Hoeven, Annefloor Imhoff, Cailin van Loon, Zoë Rijk, Nick Sebrechts, Laurian Serno, Jeffrey Stuut, Anna de Visser, Dewy Vlaardingerbroek, Iris van Vliet, Matthijs van Werkhooven, Femke Zonneveld, Tydo Korvers.

Creative team

Directing and choreography Stanley Burleson
Allard Blom, Stanley Burleson and Efteling
Composer and musical director
René Merkelbach
Directing assistance and choreography 
Ivo Chundro
Children’s director and Resident Director
Marjan Hommes
Acrobatics Marley Eltz and Vincent Michels 
Art director
Robert-Jaap Jansen
Decor design
Joris van Veldhoven
Costume design
Carla de Kroon
Lighting design
Wim Dresens
Sound design
Jeroen ten Brinke
Technical producer
Jeroen Frijters
Wigs and Grime design Harold Mertens and Wouter Somers
Production managers
Marjon van Grunsven and Robert van den Booren
Creative concept specialist Entertainment
Sandra in 't Groen
Concept specialist Entertainment Jeroen Zwartjes
Creative Director
Olaf Vugts
Managing Director Fons Jurgens