De Oude Tufferbaan Classic car ride

A trip back in time

Fun with old-timer automobiles

Drive through hills and valleys in a unique car and pass bridges, ponds and farm animals along the way. Drive at 6.5 km/h in a red fire truck, a blue police car or one of the other themed cars and pickup trucks. All cars are unique, so every ride will be a completely new experience. Everyone can drive on the 'De Oude Tufferbaan' classic car ride, even the little ones.

Good to know

  • Due to the precautions, you embark and disembark individually
  • Please wait in the white zone with your household
  • It is not possible to choose your seat. All seats are allocated
  • It is not possible to leave the waiting line or attraction/show in between
  • Accessible by wheelchair with a transfer
  • Children <1.10 m under supervision
  • Outdoor attraction
  • Accessible with assistance or guide dogs

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