Efteling Vision 2030

How did it all begin?
In 1952, the Efteling Naturepark Foundation opened a wonderful place full of fairytales, sagas and legends. Familiar, but also new stories that invite to discover and experience. Stories that provide comfort and - perhaps more importantly - also connection. In over seventy years, Efteling developed into an international short-break destination where everyone is welcome and where there is something fun to do at any time of the day. The aim of this growth remains unchanged: to preserve the independent and unique character of Efteling for current and future generations.

A solid foundation
In 2017, we reached our long-term vision of welcoming 5 million guests, which has strengthened Efteling’s position as an international short-break destination. We will continue to work towards achieving this goal by focusing on quality and providing a one-of-a-kind experience for guests. That's what we are doing this for. That's what we are good at. We have already started to take steps behind the scenes towards providing guests with an even better service and we plan to do the same publically soon.

Vision 2030
By 2030, Efteling aspires to be the only theme park resort in Europe scoring 9+ from visitors who are experiencing Efteling’s natural and enchanting surroundings. In order to achieve this over the next couple of years, we will focus on investing into the following sectors:

  1. Experiences: attractions, as well as accommodation, merchandise and entertainment are all part of providing a well-rounded experience that stimulates all the senses.
  2. Employees: will be given all the tools needed to provide sincere, personal and engaging service to our guests.
  3. Technology: the smart application of technology and data can allow us to better manage Efteling, offering guests a seamless and stress-free visit.
  4. Cooperation: we will actively seek out cooperation with innovative partners to boldly create the experience of the future.
  5. Sustainability: taking care of our natural environment continues to be an important part of our guests' experience.

So that…
Terms such as 'seamless' (an experience without hindrances) and 'immersive' (feeling of being completely engrossed) become part of our everyday routine.As a result, Efteling will grow over the coming years with a priority on capacity and accessibility.