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We would like to enchant you with the story that captivates us every day. Take a moment to read it. The only thing you have to do is scroll down. Enjoy!

If you wanted to understand Efteling, as it used to be, what has changed over the years and perhaps also where we are headed, who would be the best person to ask?
No-one has a better view of Efteling than Long Neck. After all, he is one of the lucky ones who has been here from the very beginning. Sitting on his little square in the Fairytale Forest, between the Gnome Village and Little Red Riding Hood, he has overseen the park since 1952.
When Long Neck looks around, he has a great view of everything and everyone who passes by.
He might see a granddaughter hiding under grandpa's coat and squeezing his hand tightly because she's a bit scared of the wolf.
Further on, grandma sits on a bench under a tree in the fine autumn sun, enjoying her currant bun with cheese. Without realising, she is humming the Indian Water Lilies song.
A romantic couple giggle as they take a 'kiss to wake up' selfie with Sleeping Beauty and then run off to celebrate their first anniversary with a ride on Baron 1898.
At least, if she dares to step on board...
A couple of young parents pass by with a buggy holding two delighted toddlers with red cheeks from taking in all the exciting things around them. An Efteling employee hurries along.

"I think you dropped this cuddly toy."

The boy gratefully hugs the rabbit to his cheek.
But with a neck almost five metres long, Long Neck can also see Efteling from a broader perspective.
Once high up in the air, his head and eyes turn curiously and attentively from left to right to look at the entire World of Efteling.
As he towers above everything and looks over the tree tops, he also sees how Efteling is always in motion.
That the picturesque Fairytale Forest has grown into a World of Wonders with millions of visitors.
He sees families relaxing in the holiday cottages, he hears the cheers of the winners on the double-tracked roller coaster; Joris en de Draak and sees the line of curious visitors waiting for the Symbolica dark ride.
As soon as his neck descends and he is close to the ground again, Long Neck feels the beating heart of Efteling: the fairytales. The fairytales that are part of Efteling's DNA. Take away the Fairytale Forest and you rip out its heart.
Enchanting people is a serious business. Hard work. Every day. At Efteling, we like to use terms such as 'day out', 'quality time' and 'getting away from the hustle and bustle'. But we sometimes do ourselves a disservice with such humbleness. Certainly if we step back and examine the meaning and value Efteling has for the Netherlands.

Since our gates opened, we have entertained more than 100 million visitors with stories.

Together, people have created countless precious memories here. Anecdotes that families tell each other year after year were born at Efteling.

We are on photos stuck on fridge doors until they are faded.

We are shared in app groups and on social media.

And perhaps best of all: we are in that basket of precious memories that still bring a smile to someone's face in old age.

Consider that for a moment.

How lovely is that?

Efteling is simply part of the Dutch cultural heritage. Just like the Sinterklaas celebration,  the Rijksmuseum or Johan Cruyff. Boasting does not come naturally to us, but that does not make us any less iconic. Big words? No, that's just the way it is. We don't have to tell each other every day. But we should remind ourselves more often. And we should be really proud of it.
But with privilege comes responsibility.
is great
and the bar has been set
It is our challenge and responsibility to do our upmost for every visitor, every day. After all, the genuine love and commitment of everyone who works here is one of Efteling's best-kept secrets. We don't need our visitors to know that, as long as they continue to feel it.
Efteling Nature Park Foundation is the life's work of 'giants' such as Anton Pieck, Peter Reijnders and Mayor Van der Heijden. Everyone who came after that was able and allowed to stand on their shoulders.
And so, together, sometimes without knowing it we became a piece of that friendly giant. As long as we remain faithful to everything for which Efteling stands - sincerity, authenticity and a passion for detail and our surroundings – new 'dwarfs' will be able to stand on our shoulders. In this way, it will be possible for visitors in 2030 and far beyond to enjoy the same indescribable feeling of wonder in the theme park and the World of Efteling.
It's so nice that you're working at Efteling. Climb on our shoulders and make us even better than we already are. Oh yes and another good piece of advice from Long Neck: "Never forget to enjoy the view, from a distance and close up; because you can't see what you see here anywhere else in the world."