Please note that the Boarding Pass is not currently in use.

How the Boarding Pass works

You can pre-book a time slot with Efteling's free Boarding Pass for a ride on the roller coaster and you will not have to queue for longer than fifteen minutes, even on busy days. At the moment, the system is being used at the Python roller coaster with loops. Want to know more?  Watch this video for more explanations or read all about how the Boarding Pass works below.

Use the Efteling app or a ticket dispenser

  • Efteling app: log in with your Efteling account via the app, go to the concerned attraction in the app and choose one of the time slots available that day.
  •  Ticket dispenser at the attraction: select one of the first free time slots at the ticket dispenser.


Book your Boarding Pass

  • Choose the number of people (6 at most) who you would like to visit the attraction with.
  • Choose the desired time slot of 15 minutes between 10.00 am and 4.00 pm.
  • Between the time your Boarding Pass is booked and visiting the attraction, you can do other nice things in the Park, for instance visit other attractions or take a seat on a terrace.


Scan your Boarding Pass at the attraction

  • The number of people entered can walk through the turnstile using the same Boarding Pass.
  • You can join the queue during the entire 15 minutes of the time slot booked.
  • Wait for no longer than 15 minutes to visit the attraction. 

When do you book a Boarding Pass?
On busy days, visitors can book a Boarding Pass for a time slot between 10.00 am and 4.00 pm. You can visit the attraction without a Boarding Pass after 4.00 pm. This time may change and depends on, for example, the possibilities of other (similar) attractions. Thanks to the Boarding Pass you will not have to wait longer than 15 minutes for the attraction. If the waiting time at the attraction is no longer than 15 minutes, it is not necessary to book a Boarding Pass.

Single rider queue and guests with a disability
single rider queue can always be used without a Boarding Pass. Guests who make use of the wheelchair entrance do not need a Boarding Pass.