A victorious meal will be served

Long tables full of delicious meals and generously poured wine, beer and soda. Raveleijn's restaurant serves lunch or a three-course dinner. The inhabitants are inviting you to share a glorious meal together with friends and family in Het Wapen van Raveleijn.

You can book a table by phone on +31 (0)416 - 537 777.

Opening hours: 12 a.m. – 8 p.m.*
* The opening hours may vary. Check the current opening hours on the Efteling app.

  • Chicken from the spit
  • Arrangement
  • Drinks

Raveleijn's table manners

The citizens of the city are proud to announce they dine according to ancient Raveleijn tradition.

Head of the table

The most important guest takes place at the head of the table. Other distinguished guests are sitting next to him.

Eating with your hands

There are almost no forks; you have to eat with your hands. That’s why all citizens normally wash their hands before and after dinner.

Enjoy each others company 

Cosiness and courtesy are a formal requirement in Het Wapen van Raveleijn. Enjoy your meal together.

Welcome in Het Wapen van Raveleijn

Lunch and dinner are served every day in this restaurant, even after closing hours of the park. There is no reservation required for lunch. For dinner, we recommend to book a table for your friends, family or colleagues. 

You can book a table by phone on +31 (0)416 - 537 777.

Special occasions

Dining without visiting the park? That’s also possible. Het Wapen van Raveleijn welcomes you at 5 p.m. at Efteling's main entrance. After attending the Raveleijn Park show, dinner will be served.

Het Wapen van Raveleijn also hosts large groups for a Raveleijn arrangement

Reservations are mandatory and can be made via the Efteling Contact Center: +31 (0)416 - 537 777.

In the enchanting Marerijk

You'll find Het Wapen van Raveleijn here. Park maps are available at the entrance of the Efteling. From there it's a 10-15 minute walk.

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