Het Wapen van Raveleijn 

Dinner Menu


Including smoked ham, tuna salad, smoked salmon with mustard dill sauce, traditionally matured sausage, pickled vegetables and fresh lettuce, served with Raveleijn bread and delicious salted butter.

Main courses

Consisting of chicken from the grill, ratatouille of coarsely chopped fresh country vegetables with potatoes from the oven and salad of the season. A fish or vegetarian/vegan alternative is available.


Warm apple pie with creamy vanilla custard

Menu for the small riders

A sword of melon, cucumber, tomato and grapes.

Main course
A roast chicken leg, roast meatballs with a ratatouille of vegetables and oven-baked potato slices.

A delicious ice cream to end the meal!



Soda, Raveleijn lemonade, water, Hertog-Jan draught beer, Raveleijn white and red house wine and coffee and tea are included in the price.



Adults €35.00, children €17.50