Wapen van Raveleijn Restaurant

A burgundian heroes' dinner


Enjoy a Burgundian heroes' dinner for the whole family in Het Wapen van Raveleijn restaurant.

Adults: € 58 | Children: € 29.95


  • Traditional Brabant bread with herb butter filling and delicious dips
  • Palette of delicacies with local specialities such as farmhouse cheeses and various kinds of sausages and hams, tuna spread and pickled vegetables and olives
  • For the young riders there is an additional skewer with grilled chicken fillet, fruit and vegetables

Main courses

Choice between three different courses.


  • Stoere Stoverij: slow-cooked beef ribs with a gravy after the recipe of the innkeeper
  • Roasted prawns with fresh onions and pepper in a garlic marinade 
  • Vega(n) 'Beet' Wellington with beetroot, mushrooms and baked truffle


  • Rider burger: Beefburger with potato spiral on a stick
  • Dragon's Tail: Chicken with potato spiral on a stick
  • Samira’s Choice: Vega(n) macaroni and cheese


  • Roasted potatoes
  • Fresh seasonal vegetables
  • Fresh garden salad


  • Meringue and creamy mousses lavishly topped with fruit and various toppings


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