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Enter your details in the form below to request the facility card, after which you can download and save your personal facility card or print it out straight away. If you fill in the declaration using a smartphone you can also make screenshots of the facility card.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

My data

I declare

1. That I am not able to visit the attractions in Efteling by means of the regular queue due to a disability and would like to make use of Efteling's facility card that gives me access to the special entrances.

2. That I can

I am able to visit the attractions with the help of my companion. And in the case of evacuation, with the help of my companion:

  • Can get into and out of the attraction.
  • Experience the ride. This includes in any case adopting a specific sitting position, holding on and bracing themselves.
  • Follow verbal and visual instructions.

I can visit the attractions entirely independently and I can, therefore, meet the three aforementioned requirements without the help of a companion (also in the case of an evacuation).

Good to know: your party may of course also visit the attractions via the wheelchair entrances. Please note that a maximum number of people applies (including companion(s)). Check this overview to see the maximum size of your party for each attraction. 


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The pass is valid for a maximum of 5 days.


* Mandatory field

** Are you a minor? Then your parents/legal representatives must sign this declaration and accept and confirm the terms and conditions that apply. If you are an adult and not able to sign the declaration and terms and conditions applicable due to your disability, another adult must do this for you. If you are an adult but have a legal representative who acts on your behalf, then your legal representative must accept and confirm the declaration and the terms and conditions that apply.

Conditions facility card

Efteling wants to make sure all its guests have an unforgettable and safe day out. Therefore, we aim to make the park accessible to everyone. We have special facilities to help make the visit as safe and as comfortable as possible for disabled visitors.

1. Why do we request this declaration?

In this declaration, the guest declares that he/she is not able to visit the park by means of the normal queue. We request this declaration because our employees are often unable to assess this.

2. Entrance through the wheelchair access with facilities card and companion(s)

A visitor can enter an attraction via the wheelchair access if they have a facility card and are accompanied by at least one companion who is 16 years or older. With the help of this companion and possibly an attraction employee, the visitor must, also, in the case of a possible evacuation, be able to:

  • get into and out of the attraction;
  • go on the ride (depending on the attraction they must, for example, be able to get into a particular sitting position, be able to hold on and brace themselves);
  • be able to follow verbal and visual instructions.

An exception to this rule is made if the disabled guest declares to be able to visit the attraction independently, even in the case of an evacuation. In this case the guest may visit the attraction without a companion. He or she will then receive a facility card indicating this.

3. Validity declaration

The facility card is personal and is valid for a maximum of 5 consecutive days. 

The facility card gives the disabled visitor the right to use the facilities for guests with a disability. Visitors with a season ticket who need a facility card that is valid for more than 5 days can go to the Visitors' service centre for this.

4. Liability and other provisions

The use of the facilities card is exclusively reserved for disabled guests. In order to combat fraudulent use of the facility card, Efteling reserves the right to, randomly and/or in the case of doubt, ask the visitor to provide proof of the disability by means of the submission of a document which confirms the disability (for instance, Autipas, Blue Badge parking card, medical certificate CIW, Companion pass NS, doctor's statement, etc.). Efteling also reserves the right to still refuse visitors with a facility cart access to an attraction if it sees a reason thereto because of the safety of the visitor and/or third parties. Therefore, Efteling does not offer the visitor with a facility card a guarantee that he/she will effectively be allowed to visit all attractions.

If it is confirmed that a visitor is making fraudulent use of the facility card, he/she can be refused entrance to the park, and Efteling will be able to recover any damages it has suffered from the visitor. 

The use of the facilities card is entirely at the own risk of the visitor. The visitor himself/herself must determine whether he/she is able to visit an attraction (except in the case of a refusal at the behest of an Efteling employee). Efteling does not accept any liability regarding this.

Efteling points out that a facility card is not a priority card. The facility card is merely proof that visitors are allowed to make use of the wheelchair access at an attraction. The queues at a wheelchair access are in principle no shorter than those of the regular queue.