Facilities for disabled visitors

Efteling wants to make sure all its guests have an unforgettable and safe day out. Therefore, we aim to make the park accessible to everyone. We have special facilities to help make the visit as comfortable and as safe as possible for disabled visitors.

Facility card

In order to make use of the facilities for disabled people*, you need a facility card. You will receive this card at the Efteling Visitors' service centre on presentation of a declaration and proof of identity. You can download, print and fill in the declaration or pick one up at the Visitors' service centre and fill it in. The facility card is personal and is valid for the duration of the entry ticket.

Declaration disabled visitor

The declaration states that you are not able to visit the attractions using the normal queues, and you can indicate whether you are able to visit the attraction alone or whether you need the help of a companion (and possibly an attraction employee). We do not request any medical information concerning the nature of the disability.

A declaration is necessary because, in many cases, our employees cannot determine if a guest is unable to visit the attraction using the normal entrance. You can use the ‘declaration disabled visitor’.

Download declaration

Discount on an entrance ticket or season ticket

Visitors will receive a discount* of €2.00 on the entrance ticket on presentation of the facility card at the till or at the Visitor's service centre. The companions (three at most) also receive this discount.
*This discount is not valid in combination with other discounts or on online tickets.

Season tickets

Efteling offers season tickets at a reduced rate for disabled visitors. To be eligible for this, the medical certificate from an independent physician must be presented.


Accessibility attractions

A number of attractions have access restrictions, for example, in connection with height or physical condition (pregnancy, heart problems, epilepsy). Some attractions can also startle visitors with an intellectual or a psychological disability. The access restrictions are shown on a sign at the entrance of each attraction and on the Efteling app. This is indicated by symbols. In connection with safety, special rules may apply if a guest has lost (part of) an arm and/or leg. The safety requirements differ per attraction. Please ask the employees at the attractions for the options.

Virtual Droomvlucht

From spring 2018, visitors with a disability will be able to experience the attraction with the ‘Virtual Droomvlucht’. Visitors with a disability will not actually take place in the attraction, but will get the same experience thanks to virtual reality and other techniques.

Borrowing a wheelchair

Efteling has a limited number of wheelchairs that can be rented free of charge on the basis of availability. We recommend booking a wheelchair, which can be done up to 1 day before the visit. A wheelchair that has been booked will be reserved until 1:00 pm. After 1.00 pm, the booking will expire and the wheelchair will be made available to someone else. 

The wheelchair desk can be found after the ticket validation on the Dwarrel Plein. We will request a valid proof of identity when you pick up the wheelchair.

Please ask whether a wheelchair has been made available at the wheelchair desk on the day of your visit if there are no wheelchairs available. You can also rent a wheelchair outside Efteling. Ask about this at a homecare shop or your health insurer. 

Booking wheelchairs

You can book a wheelchair via
+31 (0)416 537 777, daily from
9:00 am until 9.00 pm.

We will request a valid proof of identity when you pick up the wheelchair. 

You can book a maximum of 2 wheelchairs per day per person, group or institution.

More information

Our wheelchairs have small back wheels and you will therefore
  always need a companion to push the wheelchair.
The footrests on our wheelchairs cannot be folded horizontally
   and are therefore not suitable for keeping your leg up.

Entrance through the wheelchair access

Nearly all attractions have wheelchair access. This access is indicated with a symbol. Visitors who visit the attraction using the wheelchair access will not encounter any physical obstacles (such as staircases) and do not have

to wait in the regular queue. The wheelchair access does not allow visitors to move to the front of the queue, it does not automatically mean that the waiting time is shorter at this access. Would you like to use the wheelchair entrance at the attractions? In that case, you need a facility card.

List of attractions with wheelchair access

If you would like to visit an attraction using the wheelchair access, you need a facility card and must have at least one companion* with you who is at least 16 years old. With the help of this companion and possibly an attraction employee, the visitor must, also in the case of an evacuation, be able to:

  • get into and out of the attraction;
  • go on the ride (depending on the attraction they must, for example, be able to get into a particular sitting position, be able to hold on and brace themselves);
  • be able to follow verbal and visual instructions.

An exception to this rule is made if an (independent) physician is of the opinion that you are able to visit the attraction on your own, and that you are able to leave the attraction independently, also in the case of an evacuation. The physician must indicate this on the medical certificate. In this case you will receive a facility card at the Visitors' service centre that you can use to visit the attractions without a companion through the wheelchair access.

In connection with safety in the event of an evacuation, it is not possible to visit the attraction with a large group of disabled visitors at once. Please divide a large group into smaller ones for this reason. In the event of doubt, please contact our customer service: +31 (0)416 537 777 (Daily from 9.00 am until 9.00 pm).

*Three companions may enter through the wheelchair access, with the exception of De Vliegende Hollander water coaster (2 companions at most), Raveleijn (1 companion at most) and Symbolica (2 companions at most).

Accessibility restaurants and shops

All the restaurants and shops in Efteling are accessible to visitors in wheelchairs. Because some of the shops are relatively small, the room to manoeuvre is limited (the Loetiek shop, De Soete Inval sweetshop and the Bazaar shop at Fata Morgana dark ride). 

Accessibility toilets

All toilets in Efteling are equipped with an adapted toilet. The following catering establishments have an adapted toilet for their guests:

  • Restaurant Panorama
  • Het Witte Paard self-service restaurant
  • Polle's Keuken restaurant
  • Station de Oost restaurant
  • Octopus self-service restaurant (PandaDroom)
  • Het Wapen van Raveleijn restaurant
  • Efteling Theatre


Care room

Efteling has 2 care rooms where recumbent disabled or adult persons can be cared for. These two rooms are located at the Volk van Laaf Laaf People village and at Station de Oost train station. For the room at the Volk van Laaf Laaf People village, a key must be obtained from the first aid post in the Marerijk. The room at Station de Oost train station can be opened by one of the employees there.


Relaxation room

There is a relaxation room in Ruigrijk. This space is meant for guests who need to have a moment of rest during the day. The key must be obtained from the First Aid post in the Marerijk.


Accessibility with assistance or guide dogs

Assistance and guide dogs are welcome in Efteling. Assistance or guide dogs must wear a vest and have proof of identity. 

Read more about accessibility with assistance or guide dogs.



We have more than 200 parking spaces for disabled visitors in the front rows of the car park. Anyone who is in possession of a European disabled parking permit may use these spaces.