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Once upon a time, there lived a dear and kind woman with her daughter, who was just as sweet. Unfortunately, the woman became very ill and died. The girl continued to live with only her father for a while but he soon married another woman. This woman had two daughters of her own but they were very mean. The sweet girl was made to work hard all day and sleep on the kitchen floor, next to the open fire, among all the ash and cinders. For this reason, they called her Cinderella. 

One day, a messenger from the king arrived on the square in front of their house. “A grand ball will be held at the palace this Saturday!” he announced. “The prince seeks a beautiful girl to make his bride. Everyone is invited!” 

Cinderella wanted to go to the ball but when she asked if she would be allowed, her sisters and stepmother simply laughed at her. They were taken to the ball in a magnificent coach, leaving Cinderella to sit in the garden, feeling sad. Suddenly, two twinkling stars descended towards her. As if by magic, Cinderella’s dirty dress was transformed into a beautiful, golden ball gown and a pair of dainty glass slippers appeared on her feet. What’s more, a golden carriage and horses stood on the street waiting for her.

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