Fairytale Forest

The Wolf and the Seven Kids

The little goat kids know very well that they should stay indoors when mother goat goes into the city. They try to be good and listen to their mother but the wolf is very crafty. 

Or perhaps mean and nasty is a better description. With a high voice and a white paw he tricks the little goat kids. He storms into their house and gobbles up the terrified kids, one after the other. Just one little kid escapes by hiding in the grandfather clock, where he sits shivering with fear. When mother goat arrives home and sees the mess in the house, she immediately realises what has happened. Fortunately, she finds her smallest kid hiding in the clock. 

He tells her all about the wolf and his mean trick. Mother goat is beside herself but now that his mother is home again, the little kid feels a lot braver and concocts a plan. Will they be able to rescue his brothers and sisters?

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An enchanted stay

Overnight along with The Wolf and the Seven Kids in a suite for 4 persons. Or book an overnight stay in one of the other Efteling accommodations.