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Sleeping Beauty

There were once a king and queen whose greatest wish was to have a child. 

One fine day, when all the palace roses were in bloom, their wish came true and a beautiful little princess was born. There were celebrations all over the land and everyone was invited to visit the castle, including all the good fairies. Unfortunately, the queen forgot to invite one fairy. When the celebration was in full swing, right at the moment when the fairies were bestowing their good wishes on the baby princess, the palace doors opened with a crash. It was the overlooked fairy. “I too have a wish for the princess,” she said. “On her eighteenth birthday she will prick herself on a spinning wheel and die.” “No, that must not happen,” said another small fairy. “I have not yet made my wish and I say that the princess shall not die, but shall sleep for a hundred years.” 

On the day of her eighteenth birthday the princess was roaming around the palace. In a barely used room, high in a castle tower, she found a spinning wheel. She pricked herself on it and fell into a deep sleep. As if by a miracle, everyone else in the palace fell asleep at the same time and a thick, impenetrable rose hedge grew around the whole castle. Everyone in the kingdom forgot about the castle and the royal family. Until one day – exactly one hundred years later – a handsome prince passed by the enormous thorny hedge...

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Sleep like a beauty

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