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Snow White

There was once a kind queen who badly wanted a daughter. One day her wish was fulfilled. The girl was as white as snow and so people called her Snow White. 

A few years later the kind queen died. After a while the king decided to remarry. But this time he was not so lucky in his choice of queen. The new queen was vain and spent hours in front of the mirror every day. “Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?” she would say and the mirror would reply, “You, my queen, are the fairest of all”. 

Snow White grew into a beautiful young woman and one day the mirror had a different answer for the queen. “You, my queen, are fair, it’s true, but Snow White is even fairer than you.” The queen was livid. She commanded a huntsman, “Take Snow White deep into the forest and make sure she never returns”. The huntsman didn’t want to, but he had to obey his queen. But instead of killing Snow White, as he was sure the queen meant, the huntsman simply left her there and told her never to return. Snow White wandered around lost until she came across a small house. It belonged to seven dwarves and when they heard Snow White’s story they said that she could stay with them for as long as she liked. 

One day the queen asked the mirror who was fairest of all and the mirror replied that Snow White was still alive and living with seven dwarves in the forest. The queen was furious! She took an apple and dipped it in poison. She disguised herself as an old woman and went to the dwarves' house. “Would you like a delicious apple, girl?” she asked the unsuspecting Snow White, who took a bite and immediately fell to the ground, unconscious. The queen quickly left but what would the dwarves do when they returned?

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