Nature conservation and management

Nature conservation and management

Throughout its history, the park has been expanded with countless beautiful attractions and buildings. Notwithstanding this, at most 11% of the terrain is built on. Efteling carefully takes into account the magnificent natural environment in which it is located and works closely together with nature organisations. The layout of the Efteling Golf Park (1995) was achieved in close cooperation with the Vlinderstichting (Dutch butterfly foundation). The designs and plans for Holiday Village Efteling Bosrijk were established in partnership with the Brabantse Milieufederatie (Brabant Environmental Federation) and Natuurmonumenten (the Dutch Society for preservation of Nature monuments). Efteling has also worked on the restoration of the Loonsche Land, a nature district of the Efteling Nature Park Foundation, abutting the theme park and Bosrijk
In 2012 Efteling was chosen as second park worldwide for 'best landscaping' by the international professional magazine Amusement Today. The following year Efteling scooped third place for the same Award.

Environmentally friendly initiatives

Since 1997 Efteling uses the 'Klaterwater' system to maintain the water level of the water features within the Efteling Theme Park Resort. Efteling purchases treated household wastewater from Kaatsheuvel and pumps it to the golf park. Once there, it is biologically purified in a special reed bed. After this treatment the quality of the water is optimal and it is pumped to the water features. 
Apart from that, Efteling regulates the indoor climate in the attraction Vogel Rok, the Efteling Hotel, Holiday Village Efteling Bosrijk and the Raveleijn office building by means of geothermal heating and cooling. The groundwater circulates through the buildings in a closed system and is then pumped back into the soil, which conserves energy. Recently, the new cogeneration plant was installed, which regulates the heating of the water of the covered water playground in Holiday Village Efteling Bosrijk.
Logistics within Efteling is carried out by various electrical vehicles. Efteling owns vehicles which are fully electrically powered. Furthermore, Efteling offers its guests charging points for electrical cars at the front of the visitor's car park.


Apart from the flora, Efteling also pays a lot of attention to the fauna. For some years now the population of birds, butterflies, dragonflies, squirrels, hedgehogs and bats is being mapped in great detail. Various measures have been taken in order to ensure that the different animal species can continue to prosper, such as nesting boxes and feeding places.

Landscape development in the Loonsche Land

The Loonsche Land is a nature district belonging to the Efteling Nature Park Foundation, adjoining the park and holiday village Bosrijk. The 148 acre area has a rich history. Hidden away in the landscape were hedgerows, arable fields, rebates, overgrown oak coppices and hollow ways. Over the years, these reminders of the past have become overgrown and hidden from view.
In December 2009 Efteling opened the Holiday Village Efteling Bosrijk. As compensation it was agreed that the Loonsche Land would be restored to its former glory, and to bring it back to the state it was in around 1850, so the natural and cultural-historical characteristics would become visible again in the landscape. Together with Natuurmonumenten (the Society for the preservation of nature monuments) and the Brabantse Milieufederatie (Brabant Environmental Federation) a global plan for the area was established, whereby the development of nature and recreational accommodation go hand in hand.

Social projects

Social projects include for example: the supporting of Villa Pardoes and cooperating with educational institutions.