Birthday ticket offer terms & conditions

  •  At the end of the month before the month in which it is your birthday, you will receive an email with a discount code that entitles you to 25% discount. You receive a 25% discount on the year round ticket of €42.00.
  • This promotion only applies to regular tickets.
  • You will only receive the discount code if you have registered for the Efteling newsletter, added your date of birth in your profile and you registered before the 19th of the month before the month of your birthday.
  • The tickets give you access to the Efteling Park and are valid during the month of your birthday and the first 15 days of the following month. For example, if your birthday is on the 31st of August, your tickets are valid from the 1st August to the 15th September included.
  • This promotion is valid on the purchase of at least 2 and at most 6 tickets.
  • The birthday tickets of this promotion can only be bought in advance and online. It is not possible to buy them at the till or Efteling's Visitors' service centre.
  • You will receive your tickets via email after you have placed your order online.
  • Please note: when you enter Efteling and the tickets are checked, you will be asked for your identity card to make sure your birthday was actually in the above-mentioned period.That means that the person whose birthday it is has to be present during the visit.
  • Birthday tickets are only valid during regular opening times. They are not valid at events that require a special ticket, such as New Year's Eve.
  • The person whose birthday it is may only use this promotion once a year.
  • Efteling retains the right to terminate and/or change this promotion immediately without having to provide any reasons.
  • This ticket cannot be exchanged for cash and is not valid in combination with other promotions and/or discounts or tickets that have already been bought.
  • The tickets may not be resold or used otherwise for commercial purposes.
  • Subject to price changes and printing errors.

Children aged 0-3 years and annual pass holders

  • If you are under 4 years old and it is your birthday, you can make use of this promotion under the same conditions.
  • The difference is that you can enter the park for free because you are not yet 4 years of age and can give your tickets with the discount (at least 2 and at most 6) to someone else. So you come to Efteling with at least 3 people, including the person whose birthday it is.
  • It is important that all of you, including the person whose birthday it is, come to the access control together.
  • This way, we offer you the opportunity to celebrate your birthday in Efteling, together with relatives or friends.