Practical information

A carefree school trip

Start your school trip well-prepared. This is what you need to know now...

Reception and landmark

You arrive at the car park by coach. If it is busy at the entrance, we use signs with Efteling inhabitants. You will be informed beforehand at which sign your group should meet.

First aid

There is one first aid post at Efteling. It is located in the enchanting Marerijk, to the left of the Carousel Palace. Every Efteling employee can call the First aid post if necessary.


Just after the entrance, employees will give you a map of the park. You can also find the map in the Efteling app, which you can install on your smartphone.


In primary education, 1 companion may accompany 4 pupils at the school rate. In secondary education, this is 1 companion to 8 students. Would you like to bring along more companions? This is possible at the group rate.

Special needs education often demands more supervision. In this case, all the companions pay the school rate.


Efteling employees are present at each attraction and it is important to follow their instructions. For instance: please take note of the required height per attraction; make sure you always remain seated during the ride; never get out when this is prohibited; keep your hands and feet inside; do not switch to other boats or carriages and do not hold loose objects such as telephones or cameras.

Meeting up

If you're on a school trip, it's handy to have a meeting point. Did you know that Efteling has a number of handy meeting points? For example the picnic field on the left next to the Python roller coaster and the playing field in Reizenrijk! View the map here.

Book your school trip

To make a reservation please send an email at, or call the Efteling Contact Centre via +31 (0)416- 537 777.