Once upon a time…

Once upon a time, there was a king with six sons and a sweet, clever daughter called Elisa. They loved each other dearly. When the king remarried, he hid his children in a secret castle. Would the new queen treat his children well? One day the jealous queen discovered the secret of the children hidden in the castle and changed the six princes into swans.

To break the spell, their little sister Elisa would have to knit six shirts from aster flowers and would not be allowed to speak or laugh for six years. Elisa valiantly began to knit, for months, all alone in the castle. The work made her hands blister, but she persevered. Once in a while, the six swans visited their sister in the castle lake, which made Elisa even more determined to finish the shirts.

Would Elisa succeed in breaking the spell? 

The Brothers Grimm

The brothers Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm were two German linguists. They liked folk and fairytales so much that they decided to collect and record them.

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In the enchanting Marerijk

this new and 30th fairytale will open its doors at Efteling Park on 28 September 2019.