Fairytale Forest

The Gnome Village

In the days when all people still loved beautiful music, there once were a king and queen who ruled over a small but prosperous country. They had three beautiful daughters. 

The whole family was musical, apart from the youngest daughter, Estrella. The king and queen therefore gave the Minister of Joyful Affairs the task of finding a music teacher for their daughter. She should at least learn her do-re-mi-fa-so and a couple of dance steps. The minister was sure he would find no-one who could help, so he decided to send the bell ringer instead. He passed on the assignment to the gatekeeper, who decided there was no honour to be gained from it. The gatekeeper passed it on again, to the basket maker, who decided to take a gamble. 

He went from door to door and from village to village in search of a music teacher. One fine day the basket maker visited a gnome village where he heard the loveliest sounds. The gnomes gave him a golden tuning fork with which to enchant the youngest princess. Afterwards, she could dance so gracefully and sing so beautifully that tears would run down your cheeks. The basket maker was richly rewarded by being named the new Minister of Joyful Affairs and receiving Estrella’s hand in marriage.

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