Meet Mr Sandman

Every Monday and Friday, together with his little helpers, he tells a story before bedtime. Are you coming to listen, too? View the times at which Mr Sandman is in Holiday Village Efteling Loonsche Land below.


Monday & Friday

Mr Sandman and his little helper
Meet and greet Mr Sandman and listen to his story

20.45 - 21.30 pm

CARO, a wonderful Efteling show

This fantastic show full of humor, music and acrobatics will amaze the whole family - an unforgettable experience.

Book your seats at the Efteling Theater during your booking and be enchanted during your fairytale stay at the special price of € 7.50 p.p.

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Playing on the countryside

Playing in the Loonsche Land is fun and adventurous and the play equipment is made of natural materials. Enjoy the many play locations in the holiday village. You can build huts with branches, stroke animals or play hide and seek.