Meet Mr Sandman

He lives in the large sandcastle in the middle of the lake in Bosrijk. Every day, together with his little helpers, he tells a story before bedtime. Are you coming to listen, too? Anyway, you will sleep wonderfully well, because in the morning you will meet your favourite Efteling characters!

Play times entertainment

Entertainment From To These are the things you can do
Mr Sandman and his little helper 18:15 pm 18:45 pm  Walk around the lake with Mr Sandman’s little helper

18:45 pm 19:15 pm Meet and greet Mr Sandman 

Efteling inhabitants
08:15 am 08:45 am Meet and greet

09:00 am 09:45 am Meet and greet
Meet and greet
Meet and greet

Even more fun!

Take a dive into the Badhuysindoor water playground or climb the playground equipment that can be found in various locations in Bosrijk. Of you can go and enjoy a game of footie on one of the lawns.