Fairytale Forest

Tom Thumb

There was once a woodcutter who had a wife and seven sons. The youngest of the seven children was very small. He was no bigger than a thumb and was, therefore, called Tom Thumb. 

The family was very poor and the parents became so desperate, they decided to leave their children in the forest. But Tom Thumb was clever. He dropped pebbles along the way into the forest, so they could find their way home. A few weeks later the parents tried again. This time they made sure Tom Thumb could not drop any pebbles. Because they had nothing else, Tom Thumb sprinkled breadcrumbs along the way. But by the time he and his brothers tried to find their way home, the breadcrumbs had all been eaten by birds. Tom Thumb quickly climbed a tree. “I see a house in the distance, someone must live there.” Unfortunately, the house was not occupied by people but by a giant. Nevertheless, the giant’s wife allowed them to stay at the house for one night, because they were so tired. “But make sure you stay very quiet,” she said, “You must not wake the giant.” 

The following morning, the seven brothers left quickly and quietly. But the giant came after them. They ran and ran but the giant was much quicker than them. He was wearing Seven League Boots with which he could take enormous strides. “Quick, I know a cave where we can hide,” said Tom Thumb. “The giant won’t be able to find us there.” Tired from searching, the giant fell into a deep sleep close to where the brothers were hiding. This gave Tom Thumb another idea. What would happen if he could get hold of the Seven League Boots?

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