Raveleijn Park Show

Courageous riders entered the city of Raveleijn

Park show Raveleijn

The five riders are called to the magical city of Raveleijn by Halina. Here they are trained to protect the city in the future. When the wicked Count Olaf appears with his five-headed Draconicon, the riders will have to join forces. Will they succeed in saving Raveleijn?

Good to know

  • The whole family
  • Semi- covered attraction
  • Frightening effects
  • Accessible by wheelchair
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Cool gifts for real riders

The Efteling shops in the park sell all Raveleijn outfits in red, blue, green, purple and brown. You will also find swords and shields to complete your outfit.

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Have dinner in the restaurant Het Wapen van Raveleijn

Share a rustic three-course set menu served by your table host in a 'Raveleijn' atmosphere.