Fairytale Forest

The Six Servants

There once was an old witch who used her magic to become queen. She also had a daughter who was sweet and beautiful. 

The witch couldn’t stand that and locked her daughter away in a tower. Any prince who wished to marry her first had to complete three tasks. There were serious consequences for anyone who failed. Of course, the witch assigned impossible tasks and nothing was ever again heard of any prince. But there was one more prince who had heard how lovely the witch’s daughter was and decided to try his luck. Along the way he met six men, each of whom had a strange feature. 

One was so fat he looked like he could eat the whole world. The second could hear anything in the whole world. The third had legs so long he could walk around the world in twenty steps. The fourth had a sharp eye, which was covered with a patch. When he removed the patch, anything he saw crumbled into a thousand pieces. The fifth man was always so cold that no fire could ever make him warm. The sixth was a man with a long neck, who could see halfway around the world. All these men became the prince’s servants and joined him on his journey to the angry witch. The prince was assigned three impossible tasks. What do you think? Was he able to complete them with the help of his special friends?

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