Fairytale Forest

The Magic Clock

Once upon a time there lived six princes in a magnificent castle. They were extremely vain fellows. 

One day they ordered a clock with six knights on horseback from a powerful wizard. When the princes blew their golden trumpets, the six knights in the clock would ride around all by themselves. Everyone who saw the clock would immediately think of the six princes. When the clock was ready, the princes had already spent two of the three bags of gold they’d promised the wizard on fine clothes. “Then I shall sell the clock to someone else,” said the wizard. “You look after the clock in the meantime, Bright Tony,” he said to his servant, “and be careful not to let anyone near it!” And he left in search of a new buyer. But the servant was a dishonest chap. As soon as the wizard was out of sight, he went to the princes and said, “I will sell you the clock for one bag of gold instead of three.” 

The princes were happy with this and quickly returned with the servant to the wizard’s tower. They collected all the pieces and returned to the palace, where the servant set about assembling the clock. It looked so beautiful but... The servant wasn’t only dishonest, he was also stupid. And wizards are clever. The wizard would certainly think of a suitable punishment when he discovered what had happened...

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