The Fairytale Forest

Seek & find Pinocchio

Where is Pinocchio?

Have you seen Pinocchio? He recently moved to the Fairytale Forest with his father Geppetto. The inhabitants of the Fairytale Forest went looking for them, but they are nowhere to be found!  Discover beautiful scenes in Geppetto’s workshop and watch the forest animals play with their toys. Join the interactive search for Pinocchio.

The story of Pinocchio

Geppetto the carpenter wanted a son so badly that he made himself a wooden puppet, which he named Pinocchio. Geppetto was overjoyed when a blue fairy brought Pinocchio to life. But the gullible wooden puppet had a lot to learn before he could become a real boy. So, his father sent him to school. 

On the way there, the sly Fox and the stupid Cat persuaded Pinocchio to join them on all kinds of adventure. Whenever he lied to Geppetto, his nose grew a couple of centimetres. One terrible day, Pinocchio did not come home from school and Geppetto set out on a desperate search for him, by land and sea... Where could Pinocchio be?

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Pinokkio's Restaurant

Constanzo welcomes you a tthe Pinokkio’s Restaurant ! Enjoy the live entertainment during a delicious lunch or dinner!