Fairytale Forest

Guinevere’s Bridal Gown

Prince Arthur is engaged to be married to the beautiful Princess Guinevere. 

The couple often went for walks together and one day the prince remarked, “Look at the yellow of the buttercups and the blue of the cornflowers and, ooh, the red of the poppies. All these beautiful colours should be included in your bridal gown, sweet Guinevere.” An old weaver woman also lived in Prince Arthur’s realm. Only she could make such a bridal gown for the princess. Unfortunately, the old woman had gone blind. “I cannot help you, prince,” she said. “My hands are able but I can no longer see the colours.” Saddened by this, the prince returned to the palace and the old woman cried as she fed her doves. 

A wise owl had been listening to their conversation and said to the doves, “You know the different colours, don’t you? Couldn’t you do something for the old woman, in return for feeding you?” The following day the woman sat crying at her loom. “I wish I knew which thread is green,” she sobbed, and immediately she felt a beak push a thread of silk between her fingers. “And now some sky blue.” All of the doves worked on the bridal gown together with the woman, who beamed with happiness. When the gown was ready, she called for the prince. He too was delighted. “My bride will be the most beautiful in the land,” he said. And the doves? They had been so busy with all the coloured threads that their feathers had also become coloured. 

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