Digital Photo Pass

View your attraction photos in the Efteling app!

With the Digital Photo Pass, you can view your nicest attraction photos straight away in the Efteling app. Download all photos in high quality and share them with friends and family.

How does the Digital Photo Pass work?

Activate your Digital Photo pass online

  • Log into the Efteling app with your account
  • Visit an attraction with an action picture
  • Add the photo to the Efteling app
  • As soon as at least one photo is linked to your account, you can activate your Digital Photo pass online

Activate Digital Photo pass

Buy a Digital Photo pass in the park
It is also possible to purchase the Digital Photo pass at one of the following photo shops. First, scan the barcode of the Digital Photo pass in the Efteling app and visit an attraction with an action picture. Then, have the Digital Photo pass scanned at the photo shop of the attraction or add the photo to the Efteling app yourself.

Where can you buy and use the Digital Photo Pass?

The Digital Photo Pass is available and can be used at the following photograph points:.

  • Piraña Photo point
  • Carnaval Festival Photo point
  • Vogel Rok Photo point
  • Python Photo point
  • De Vliegende Hollander Photo point
  • Joris & de Draak Photo point
  • Baron 1898 Photo point
  • Symbolica Photo point
  • Droomvlucht Photo point (the Dromerijen shop)
  • Fata Morgana Photo point (the Bazaar shop)
  • D'n Blikvanger
  • De Jolige Jutter

There are two versions of the Digital Photo Pass. The day pass (valid for one day) costs € 25 and the Hotels & Resorts pass (valid for up to seven days) costs € 35. The Digital Photo Pass entitles you to a 30% discount on other photo products, such as key rings.