Care for our youngest visitors

Baby care

Efteling has not forgotten its very youngest visitors. A number of care facilities are available in the park for changing and feeding. The following is an overview of all baby facilities at Efteling.


All toilets in the park have at least one changing cubicle. Bins are available for nappies. Please note that Efteling does not sell nappies. You must bring these with you.


If you need to warm up a bottle or meal, or need warm water to help with feeding, please head to one of our restaurants and ask an employee for assistance. They will be happy to help.

Using a breast pump

Efteling has dedicated areas for use of a breast pump:

  • Volk van Laaf 
    You will need a key to gain access to the room at the Volk van Laaf People village. The key can be obtained from the first aid post in Marerijk.
  • Station de Oost train station
    The room at Station de Oost train station can be opened by one of the employees there.



Highchairs are available in most restaurants. If you plan to reserve a table in Het Wapen van Raveleijn restaurant or Panorama à la carte and would like a highchair, please indicate this at the time of making the reservation. The restaurant will take your request into account. In addition, you can always contact our customer service.