Fairytale Forest

The Troll King

There was once a terrible king and Kobold was his name. He was ugly and cruel. Kobold was king of the trolls but even the other trolls didn’t like him. 

A good troll also lived in the forest. He could predict the future. People and trolls came to him for advice. One day a pretty girl arrived at the good troll’s house. “Hello, I’m Princess Clarissa,” she said. “I want to marry Prince Jasper but my father doesn’t think he’s courageous enough. What should I do?” “Go home, everything will turn out fine,” said the good troll. 

Not long afterwards the good troll received another caller. In front of his house stood another troll bearing bad news. “Kobold has taken Princess Clarissa prisoner, what should we do?” he said. “Go and fetch Prince Jasper and take him to Kobold’s swamp,” said the good troll. After the other troll had left, the good troll whistled a tune. Straight away, an owl flew down and the good troll whispered something in his ear. In the meantime, Prince Jasper made his way to the swamp. Would he be brave enough to rescue Princess Clarissa?

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