Fairytale Forest

The Frog Prince

There once lived a beautiful princess in a magnificent palace. The princess could choose to do whatever she liked each day but she always chose to play in the palace garden with her golden ball. 

The princess would throw the ball high in the air and catch it as it fell. Always. Until one day the princess looked the other way and... PLOP! Her beautiful golden ball landed in the pond. Fortunately, a frog was on hand to help the princess. He fished the ball out of the pond in return for her friendship. The princess promised that they would be friends but she didn’t mean a word of it. 

As soon as the frog returned her ball she ran back to the palace. That same evening there was a knock on the palace door. “Open up... It’s me, the frog!” He had come to claim his reward. He dined at the royal table and drank from royal crystal glass. Then the frog asked for a kiss from the princess. “Ugh, how disgusting!” she said, but she did it anyway and what do you think happened?

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