There’s also plenty to do outside Efteling

Explore Efteling’s surroundings

Long Neck has such a good view that he can also see all of the things there are to experience outside Efteling’s borders. Go shopping in Breda’s historic city centre, discover the dinosaurs in the Prehistoric Museum and take a cycle tour past aquatic birds and beaver dams.


The beautiful nature found within Efteling can also be explored outside its borders. Take an exhilarating walk through woodland and dunes. Walking routes are available from the Efteling Hotel reception and the Efteling Village Bosrijk receptions. 

'De Loonse en Drunense Duinen' National Park 

Efteling is an offshoot of 'De Loonse en Drunense Duinen' National Park. This beautiful nature reserve is located within minutes of Efteling. With any luck, you might stumble across traces of the region’s rich history: from bullet casings to stone-age hunters’ tools!

Huis ter Heide estate 

Explore the fascinating nature area in the vicinity of Tilburg, where many types of bird build their nests in the marshland. The Huis ter Heide estate comprises a mixture of rolling fields, marshland and both deciduous and coniferous woodland. Walk or cycle, enjoy the views and perhaps even discover carnivorous plants and blue frogs! 

De Biesbosch National Park 

Explore the mazelike network of rivers, reservoirs, willow trees and winding creeks in De Biesbosch National Park. Walk, cycle or paddle your boat or canoe through this beautiful region filled with rare aquatic birds and industrious beavers.


Explore Efteling’s province, North Brabant, from a cultural perspective. Its many museums provide windows into the worlds of art and nature, as well as the history of the region.

The North Brabant Museum, Den Bosch 

Explore the art, culture and history of the province of North Brabant. The North Brabant Museum is the place to gain a fascinating insight into Brabant’s rich history, fields of expertise and cultural heritage.

Brabant Nature Museum 

Combine culture and nature in Tilburg’s Brabant Nature Museum. Spend a fascinating day with the whole family in Brabant’s most child-friendly museum. Take a dip into the world of nature and learn interesting facts in a fun way!

Eindhoven Museum 

Discover how the very first residents of Eindhoven lived at the Eindhoven Museum. Experience how people lived, worked and enjoyed themselves in this life-size replica settlement.

Loevestein Castle

Experience 650 years of history in a single day at Loevestein Castle. Find out all about Hugo de Groot’s spectacular escape, have fun learning about gunpowder and weapons of old, and experience high water levels in the cellar.

Saint John’s Cathedral, Den Bosch 

With its 73-meter-tall spire, Saint John’s Cathedral has towered over Den Bosch for centuries. It has been a holy site since 1220 and still contains a book of miracles, listing its wonders. Enjoy the amazing view of the city from the top of the spire.

TextielMuseum Tilburg

Pounding machines, creative workshops and feel-good art. Visit the TextielMuseum | TextielLab (textile museum) in Tilburg with the whole family and discover how unique art, design and fashion is made from yarn and fabric. Would you like to go on a free mini tour or take part in one of the many other family and children's activities? Please check out our website for current activities.


There’s no shortage of things for shopaholics to do in the vicinity of Efteling. 

Den Bosch 

Just 30 minutes’ drive from Efteling, you can shop to your heart’s content on the charming streets of Den Bosch. Enjoy a tasty snack or meal in one of the city’s many restaurants and cafés, and don’t forget to try an authentic 'Bossche Bol'. 


Enjoy the historic shopping streets of Breda city centre, just 45 minutes’ drive from Efteling. Discover its versatile shops with nostalgic decor and experience the cheerful atmosphere at one of its many markets.


The vibrant city of Eindhoven is located approximately 50 minutes’ drive from Efteling. The city centre offers a wide choice of shops, including two indoor shopping centres. 


The surprising town of Tilburg is about 20 minutes drive from Efteling. A lot of great bars and restaurants can be found in for instance the Spoorzone and at the Piushaven. The Heuvelstraat is the most well-known shopping street but don't forget to visit the smaller shops in the Dwaalgebied (wandering area).

Discover the surroundings

Beekse Bergen Safari Park 

Visit a real safari park in Hilvarenbeek! Take a safari on foot, by boat, by bus or in your own car and be amazed by the more than one thousand animals. Experience Africa close-up at Beekse Bergen Safari Park

Genneper Parks 

Experience a day full of enjoyment with the whole family in the Genneper Parks sport and recreation centre. Create your own fun-filled day together with ease, because there’s plenty for everyone to do. Swim, skate, climb, play, learn, enjoy the natural surroundings or take a step back in time.


Discover the Duinoord indoor play paradise! Play, eat and drink as much as you like, because it’s all included in the entry price. Being inside Duinoord is just like being outdoors in fine weather: it has trees and the walls offer lifelike views of woodland and dunes. 


Experience Brabant hospitality at the BestZoo. This manageably sized zoo in Best, approximately 40 minutes’ drive from Efteling, brings you face to face with the animals! Feast your eyes and discover rare animals, such as pumas, tamandua anteaters and a wallaroo.

Fairytale stays

Enjoy a luxurious suite in the Efteling Hotel or sample the cheerful atmosphere of Efteling Village Bosrijk. Staying at Efteling is a fairytale in itself.