Update Corona measures Efteling

On Tuesday evening 3 November, the Dutch government announced in a national press conference that additional measures, on top of the current partial lockdown, would be put in place for the next two weeks. One of the measures is that locations open to the public (such as amusement parks) will have to close for a fortnight. We have also received confirmation of this from our official regional authorities and there are as yet no additional measures or exceptions for this period.

This means that:

  • Today (4 November) the Park is open for guests until 6 pm.
  • The Efteling theme park will be closed from Thursday 5 November until Wednesday 18 November.
  • The Efteling hotels, holiday villages and the Efteling Golf Park will remain open.
  • The swimming pool in Holiday Village Efteling Bosrijk will be closed from Thursday 5 November until Wednesday 18 November.
  • The official regional authorities can still introduce additional measures or exceptions in the official emergency ordinance which we expect tomorrow.

We regret that we have to close again and this is done with great sadness for Efteling (and all members of the industry associations Club van Elf and the Dutch Association of Zoos). We have all worked so hard together to offer our guests a safe day out and to safeguard the continuity of the Efteling theme park. But of course we understand this decision and we will take our responsibility. Only by acting together will we get the coronavirus under control and this is how we as Efteling are doing our bit.