Highest point Efteling attraction Danse Macabre reached

 1 February - A special milestone for the construction of the new Efteling attraction Danse Macabre. This morning, the highest point of the 20-metre-high creepy attraction building was reached.  Director Product, Marketing & Image Koen Sanders addressed the press in attendance and gave the official sign for the hoisting and placing of a four-metre-high pointed tower.

Koen Sanders - Director Product, Marketing & Image: "We are really investing in the future. The highest point of Danse Macabre nicely symbolises that. In line with our vision for our themed areas, we are building a completely new area in one go. Inspired by the iconic Spookslot, we are adding a creepy experience with an extra dimension to Efteling. Danse Macabre's spectacular ride system is also unique and has not yet been built anywhere else in the world. I am extremely proud of the entire project and look forward to autumn 2024."

Jeroen Verheij - Designer: "It's great to see my sketches being brought to life. With great attention to detail, inspired colleagues are working every day to realise this special attraction and associated theme area. Today is literally a high point for Danse Macabre. Autumn 2024 is slowly approaching, and I cannot wait for the creepiest piece of Efteling."

About Danse Macabre

Efteling attraction Danse Macabre will soon let visitors dance to the music of the musical piece of the same name. On a large 18-metre diameter turntable, topped by six smaller turntables, there will be six choral benches in which a total of 108 visitors can take a seat. The large turntable will rise, tilt and fall, spinning like a coin before falling flat. Danse Macabre's spectacular ride system is unique in the world and will make its debut at Efteling in 2024. The 20-metre-high attraction building is located in a completely new 17,000m² mystery-themed area with catering, retail and entertainment.