New Efteling attraction Danse Macabre will be the first ride of its kind

A world first, the haunted spectacle full of dark twists

Danse Macabre, the new Efteling attraction set to open in 2024, will have a spectacular ride system not yet constructed anywhere else in the world. The haunted spectacle full of dark twists will soon have visitors dancing to the music after which the attraction is named. On a turntable 18 metres in diameter, topped by six smaller turntables, there will be six choir stalls with seats for up to 108 visitors. The large turntable will rise, tilt and fall, and spin like a coin before it falls flat. Danse Macabre will be part of a completely new themed area at Efteling. The surroundings are a mysterious setting in which the 20-metre-high attraction building immediately catches the eye. The themed area with catering, retail and matching entertainment will soon be the creepiest part of Efteling.

Unique ride system      
Intamin, the renowned Swiss manufacturer of theme park attractions, has worked closely with Efteling to develop a completely new ride system for Danse Macabre. The exciting attraction is a combination of several existing ride components, making it unique in the sector. Danse Macabre is best described as a thrill ride with immersive show technology. 












Charlatan family 
Danse Macabre will be located in the creepiest part of Efteling, the creepy Huyverwoud Forest. Efteling will also introduce new entertainment that matches the new themed area. From 19 November visitors near the Danse Macabre construction site will get a sneak preview of the Charlatan family and their remarkable barrel organ Esmeralda. The Charlatan family has been travelling the world for generations. After many years of travelling, Professor Dr. Virginie Charlatan and her husband Otto have finally moved to the creepy Huyverwoud Forest. Virginie, in particular, is certain that she has been preparing her whole life to end up in this creepy place.