Efteling partners with charity foundation to donate 80,000 park tickets

Efteling has joined forces with Dutch foundation Stichting Leergeld to donate 80,000 tickets to the foundation each year over the next five years. The partnership is between Efteling’s own Efteling Nature Park Foundation and sole shareholder, which aims to guard the park’s heritage.

With 80,000 tickets each year going towards supporting families from disadvantaged backgrounds, the donation will ensure those who may find the park financially inaccessible can visit Efteling and make wonderful memories to treasure forever. 

The donation, which begins this month, comes as part of Efteling’s dedication to social engagement through a series of initiatives focused on increasing accessibility to the park with moves to make the park more accessible socially, financially and physically. The donation is also a step to reinforce the Efteling core value that all visitors are welcome.