Efteling reopens its gates

Efteling and takeaway catering open

- The cabinet has not announced any new measures or extended corona measures in the press conference on 17 November so therefore we automatically fall back to the situation of two weeks ago.

- Efteling therefore reopens its gates on Thursday 19 November and will do so with the 22nd edition of Winter Efteling which we are very happy about!

- Contrary to previous reports, the take-out catering in the park is open as usual. Rijksoverheid.nl states that this is permitted in zoos and amusement parks. 

- Hotels & Resorts are open, including catering facilities for hotel guests.

- The swimming pool in Holiday Park Efteling Bosrijk will also open again on 19 November.

Supermarket in the amusement park

- As an extra service for our guests, Efteling will open a temporary supermarket in the Carrousel Theatre in the park from Friday 20th November.

- In addition to the takeaway catering that is open, our guests can also use a temporary supermarket service.

- The first supermarket will open on Friday with a fully pre-packaged range, which is also available at petrol stations and station shops, for example.

- The supermarket in Efteling will be open until the Christmas holidays.

- This pop-up store is in collaboration with SPAR.

- We will apply the applicable corona measures in the supermarket, as we do in the Efteling souvenir shops:

  • Markings on the floor to indicate 1.5 metres
  • A shopping cart is required
  • Walking routes in the store
  • There is one entrance and one exit
  • One person per household has access to the shop
  • For hygienic reasons, we ask that you only touch products when you plan to buy them.