Efteling colleagues read fairy tales in the theme park on 7/7: Fairytale Day

Attractions, hospitality and management staff temporarily left their workplaces to share stories with visitors

 On 7th July 2023, Efteling, guardian of the fairy tales, celebrated Fairytale Day.  

For 7 hours, seven very 'ordinary' but passionate Efteling employees left their stations for an hour to read fairy tales at different places around the theme park. Director of Product, Marketing & Image Koen Sanders read the fairy tale The Saviours of Ruigrijk at Nest! Play Forest: "I have read this fairy tale to my children so many times, it almost comes naturally. I think reading aloud is important because storytelling brings people together, and that is exactly what we do every day at Efteling. Telling stories helps us understand each other better.  This special fairy tale by Dutch wheelchair athlete Marc de Hond teaches that you can become a hero even with a disability. Marc de Hond wrote it, especially for the opening of the inclusive Nest! Play Forest so visitors could enjoy the action from the place that inspired it."   

Passing on fairy tales 

Anne (who works at Efteling restaurant Het Witte Paard) read The Bremen Town Musicians at the Anton Pieck Plein. "When I read that they were looking for storytellers, I was immediately excited! I have always had a great love for fairy tales as they are magical, and you can escape from reality for a while. I immediately seized the opportunity to pass on fairy tales to the new generation on this special day." 

The Hendriksen family, who were visiting the park and listened to the fairy tale of Little Red Riding Hood together, said, "Fairytale Day has been great fun; we have listened to the story together as a family, and this is really part of what the Efteling experience is all about. We are so lucky to have been at the park today for this special occasion, and all agree Efteling should do this more often!" 

Outside the Fairytale Forest 

Efteling is full of stories, not just in the Fairytale Forest, as the wooden rollercoaster Joris en de Draak proved. Marc (Sirocco employee) says: "Storytelling is in my blood. I have been leading my friends through fantasy worlds I wrote myself for years, and it is a personal passion of mine. At Sirocco, guests go on a journey with Sindbad, the Sailor from the fairy tale 1001 Nights; I also got to tell them about Joris en de Draak, which is great”.  

On the Herautenplein, Noortje (Theatre & Events staff member) performed the Frog King: "I enjoy telling stories so much that I sometimes make up a new fairy tale on the spot that takes place in the theatre to inspire my colleagues." 

7: A fairy tale number 

The number seven is a fairy tale number. Who does not know the story of the seven kids who outwit the wolf or the seven dwarfs who take Snow White into their home? Or think of the seven sea voyages of Sindbad the Sailor or the seven-league boots with which Tom Thumb escapes the giant. 


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