Efteling Changes Smoking Policy

Dutch theme park aims to contribute to Smokefree Generation initiative

Ahead of the Winter season, Efteling has announced the park will become a largely smokefree destination. Based in the South of Holland, the theme park is taking a step in the right direction and helping to contribute to a smokefree generation, introducing ten designated smoking zones. The smoking zones can be found throughout the park and will be sheltered by greenery. The policy will also be implemented across Efteling’s accommodation facilities.

Out of sight of other visitors and children
Efteling has announced its latest initiative working to make smoking less visible for young visitors. "Efteling wants to be a healthy and safe place for everyone. Since 2017, smoking has not been allowed in the attraction queues and in the Fairytale Forest," says Fons Jurgens, CEO of Efteling. "We are now taking things a step further towards a smokefree park, introducing designated smoking zones placed out of sight of other visitors and children. Hereby, Efteling will become largely smokefree and thus contributes to a smokefree future."

Smokefree Generation
In the Netherlands, the Smokefree Generation campaign is an initiative launched by the Dutch Health Fund (Dutch Heart Foundation, KWF Dutch Cancer Society and Lung Fund). The campaign’s aim is to make growing up in a smokefree environment a must for younger generations. Efteling’s movement towards a smokefree destination was facilitated and implemented with help from the Dutch Health Fund.

Carla van Gils, president of the Health Fund for Smokefree says: "We are happy with this step because Efteling is helping to contribute to the Smokefree Generation campaign. The less children that come into contact with smoking, e-cigarettes or vaping, the better. As a major theme park, Efteling has an exemplary role, and we hope this will soon be followed. After all, any place where many children come should be smokefree."