Kaatsheuvel, The Netherlands,

Winter Efteling: the heart-warming atmosphere of bonfires and wintery fairytales

Winter Efteling returns from 12 November 2015 until 31 January 2016. For more than 11 weeks Efteling Park is bathed in a winter atmosphere, with hand- and heart-warming bonfires, garlands with thousands of twinkling lights and special winter attractions, such as an ice skating rink and a cross-country skiing course. The residents of the enchantingly lit Fairytale Forest are wrapped up nice and warm. Long Neck and Big Mouth are dressed in their winter outfits and Little Red Riding Hood is wearing her warmest winter coat. As evening falls, two attractions take on an entirely different appearance, as impressive illusions bring the walls to life. In all of its colourful beauty, Europe’s biggest water show, Aquanura, is even more impressive after dark and the perfect ending to a day at Winter Efteling. At the Efteling Theater, the fairytale musical Pinocchio can be seen throughout the winter months.

Winter Efteling is open daily from 11.00 to 18.00, until 19.00 at weekends and until 20.00 during the Christmas holidays. New Year’s Eve will also be celebrated at Winter Efteling once again this year.

Only during Winter Efteling
Special winter attractions form an important part of Winter Efteling. The indoor ice palace has a 384-square-metre outdoor ice rink, which is connected to the traditional indoor skating rink via an entrance and exit for visitors to skate in and out. Glide down to the bottom of a real snow slide, cross-country ski through traditional Dutch surroundings or huddle up together around a crackling bonfire; the choices are endless.

Apart from the water-based attractions, the Piraña and The Flying Dutchman, all attractions remain open as long as weather conditions permit.

Aquanura in the dark
The Aquanura water show can also be seen during Winter Efteling. This 12-minute musical extravaganza on the lake features more than 200 fountains, which depict Fata Morgana, Monsieur Cannibale and George and the Dragon with the help of music, fire and light. And Aquanura’s colourful beauty is even more enchanting after dark.

Impressive illusions
As twilight falls, two attractions that house grim spirits take on an entirely different dimension. Visitors can see the eternally roaming ghost ship on the outer walls of The Flying Dutchman. Meanwhile, Villa Volta’s facade creaks to life, allowing its owner’s curse to break free…

Raveleijn park show at Winter Efteling
The battle against the wicked ruler of the magical city of Raveleijn is especially compelling after dark, thanks to special lighting and the use of fire. The park show, in which real horses and ravens play a leading role, is performed three to five times per day. The performance lasts 20 minutes and is suitable for children aged six and above.

Pinocchio fairytale musical
This new family show from Efteling Theatre Productions is also being staged throughout the winter months. Come along on a journey to a beautiful Italian village, which is home to the friendly carpenter Geppetto. He has been working on a wooden puppet for months and calls him Pinocchio, but he secretly dreams of having a real son. When a fairy magically brings Pinocchio to life one day, Geppetto cannot believe his luck. But Pinocchio does not listen to his father’s good advice and goes on crazy adventures. The mischievous wooden puppet would like nothing more than to be a real boy. Will his dream come true…?

As well as a permanent cast of children, each day’s performances feature one-off appearances by around 30 children. The musical, which is performed in Dutch, can be seen exclusively at the Efteling Theatre up to and including 28 February 2016.

New Year’s Eve
Special tickets are available for the New Year’s Eve party at Efteling. These offer admission to the park from 19.00 onwards and may also be purchased in combination with catering arrangements.

The attractions stay open until midnight and there are live performances on various squares. At midnight the New Year is celebrated in traditional fashion with a spectacular firework display and a glass of bubbly. Tickets for the New Year’s Eve party are available from 12 November.

Winter Efteling opening dates and times

  • Thursday 12 November 2015 until Sunday 31 January 2016
  • Weekdays: 11.00-18.00
  • Weekends: 11.00-19.00
  • Christmas holidays (19 Dec. – 3 Jan.): 11.00-20.00
  • New Year’s Eve, 31 December 2015: 11.00-18.00 and 19.00- 01.00 (attractions until midnight)

Efteling Theme Park Resort
Since the opening in 1952, more than 120 million visitors have experienced an unforgettable day at Efteling, in the south of Holland. Over the years, Efteling has grown to become one of Europe’s biggest theme parks, with a unique fairytale atmosphere, natural surroundings and a wide range of thrilling and enchanting attractions. Efteling is open all year round, and makes an ideal family short-break destination with the Efteling Hotel and the holiday village Efteling Bosrijk just a stone’s throw away.

For further information please visit: http://www.efteling.co.uk/EN/winter-efteling