Statement coronavirus - Efteling reopens its doors!

Efteling reopens its doors!

In close consultation with the official regional authorities, Efteling reopened its doors on May 20, 2020. We did this in an adapted manner and with a maximum number of guests (maximum 1/3 of the capacity of the theme park).

The cabinet's instruction "stay at home" has now been changed to "avoid crowds". As a day attraction, we have all the facilities, knowledge and expertise in house to receive guests safely. We are ready for this with the protocol drawn up by industry associations Club van Elf and the Dutch Association of Zoos.

Safety is always our priority. We therefore reopened our theme park step by step. We started with a small group of guests in our park and then welcomed more guests with each step. In this way, our employees could get used to new working methods and, if necessary, we are always able to adjust our plans.

Holiday park Efteling Bosrijk opened its doors on May 8. Holiday Village Efteling Loonsche Land and the Efteling Hotel followed on 20 May. Efteling Golf Park has opened on 11 May. Our theatre show CARO will follow later.

Guests are requested to follow the travel and safety instructions of their country of residence before planning their visit.
If they are in the theme park or our overnight accommodations, the measures of the official regional authorities apply.

Which measures are being taken?

We implement the measures from the protocol. This protocol offers three guarantees that are in line with the official regional authorities ( RIVM) guidelines:

1. We provide 1.5 metres between households.We know better than anyone how guests move in our park and how we can spread groups. More than ever, we now use this knowledge that we have gained in the past.We have plenty of room. Our park measures more than 140 football fields. We allow a limited number of guests, who will reserve a ticket online in advance. This way we can guarantee that everyone has the space for their day out.

2. We provide sufficient and clear information.Together we will make sure your day out is safe. Our guests can rely on us. We communicate very clearly how guests can stay while visiting the theme park. All information can be found on our website and on screens and signs in our park, our hotel and our holiday villages. Our employees also help with this. After all, they are used to helping and are continuously trained to provide our guests with a safe and unique day out to make beautiful memories.

3. We provide additional hygiene measures.We will install central disinfection points and clean contact points such as door handles more frequently. If necessary, we will provide personal protective equipment.

With these guarantees, a day out is now just as safe as it was before.